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10th House – The House of Career

Astrology has been widely used to gain insights into various aspects of life, including career. Astrology, with its rich symbolism and celestial influences, offers a unique perspective on career paths. By analyzing the positions of the planets at the time of your birth, astrologers can provide valuable insights into potential career directions.Astrology plays a significant role in determining career paths by analyzing the influence of planets on individuals. The positions of celestial bodies at the time of birth provide valuable insights into one’s strengths, weaknesses, and inclinations. Several planets are particularly influential when it comes to shaping a person’s career choices.The planet sitting on the 10th house and its Lord, duly decide what kind of a career choice would be beneficial for the child so that he is able to be at his highest potential. Known as the house of career, this house signifies the opportunities the individual has in his professional life, and its Lord further adds more light to this signification, so that the interpretation is worthy of success.

The Varga Chart – Dashamsha Or D10
The Dashamsha chart is the Varga chart that is formed by dividing all the Rashis into tenths, i.e., the 30 degrees of a Rashi into 3-degree sections. It is the most important divisional chart for career and profession. It also shows the impact that the person will make on society at large. Every indication that is seen in the birth chart has to be confirmed in the Navamsa and the Dashamsha. An inclination toward a particular profession must be confirmed only after seeing patterns repeat in all the aspects that are being studied. Merely one placement should not be used to give a definitive conclusion. The tenth house of the D10 is a good indicator of a person’s profession. The Lagna of the D10 is also studied for auspiciousness. The signification of the Dashamsha is very similar to the 10th house of the birth chart.

Which house is for career? 10th house

Aries Sign in the 10th House

Some possible career choices for Aries in the 10th house include: Business: Entrepreneurs, CEOs, and other business leaders. Politics: Politicians, government officials, and activists. Law: Lawyers, judges, and other legal professionals. Sports: Athletes, coaches, and other sports professionals. Military: Military officers and other members of the armed forces. Entertainment: Actors, musicians, and other entertainers. Sales: Salespeople and other business development professionals. Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurs and other business owners. Leadership: Leaders in any field, such as business, politics, or the arts. Adventure: Careers that involve risk-taking or adventure, such as firefighting, mountaineering, or skydiving. Entrepreneur, Leadership roles, Military or law enforcement, Athletics or sports management

Taurus Sign in the 10th House

Excellence in studies related to the arts, media, fashion, and jobs in related fields seem to be fruitful for them. Apart from this, they could also very well score high in the hotel and restaurant business or jobs in this sector, and do very well in business, which are generally women-centric; like lingerie, cosmetics, perfumes, boutiques, jewelry, or even women’s goods like clothes and shoes. Banking and finance Real estate Art and design Culinary arts

How to find a Career in Astrology: I would suggest starting the chart with Ascendant and its lord, Moon and its nakshatra, 10th house, Planets in the 10th house, 10th lord, so note down all the planets.Now check the career options signified by these planets. Then check the education attained by the person. And then see the running Dasha and what work is signified by the current timeline.

Gemini in the 10th House

Lord of Gemini is Mercury. This would mean that excellence in the fields of any profession related to commission or consultancy would be beneficial. Your child can opt for an accountancy or the related, like C.A., C.S., Brokerage, Share market, trade, and advisory. Writing and journalism Public relations Sales and marketing Communication and media

7 Important Combinations to Find a Career in Astrology: Ascendant and its lord Moon sign and its nakshatra 10th house, planets in the 10th house, and 10th lord Navamsha Lagna lord and its position 10th lord of D-1 in Navamsa chart, the sign lord Significance, position and conjunct planets. Dasamsha [D-10] Lagna lord and its position 10th lord of D-1 in D-10 chart

Cancer in the 10th House

Lord of Cancer is the Moon, your will be successful in businesses that revolve around different spheres, thus allowing you to choose from a wide range of options. You could represent businesses that produce or deal with milk and dairy products, would get handsome returns if they invest in speculative acts; like the stock market and businesses related to that, liquid or water related business, like mineral water supply and production, soft drinks, and so on. Counseling and psychology Social work Nursing or healthcare administration Hotel or restaurant management

10th House and 6th House: To study what sort of a profession a person will take up, the astrologer studies the 10th house both from Lagna and the Moon. One also studies the Sun and the lord of the Navamsa Rashi that the 10th lord is placed in. For service, the 6th house also comes into the picture. Being one’s own boss requires that the person be a self-starter and highly motivated. The strength of the Lagna, strength of the 6th house, Mercury, Sun, Saturn and Mars reveal the person’s ability to be self-employed.

Leo in the 10th House

Lord is the Sun, you will definitely possess authority and leadership qualities. They might join a career or profession in the authority department, an even get a Government job, excel in agriculture business and jobs, clerical jobs, administrative jobs, jobs of higher authority in any organization, and do very well in sports as well.. Acting and entertainment Public speaking Event planning Leadership positions in various fields

Aries, Taurus and Gemini: In the same way that houses indicate careers, the Rashis also add their indications to a career reading. The fiery and passionate sign of Aries (Mesha) points to careers in the armed forces, police, athletics, industries, security companies, boxing, wrestling, mechanical engineering and iron and steelwork. The Venusian sign of Taurus (Rishaba) fosters careers in jewellery, luxury items, fashion, music, dance, performing arts, perfume, cosmetics, banking, tailoring, automotive (especially high end and luxury cars) as well as real estate. The Rashi of Gemini (Mithuna) indicates Mercury related careers such as writing, journalism, trade, healing, sales, diplomacy, personal assistants, stenographers, linguistics, bookkeepers as well as law.

Virgo in the 10th House

Mercury being the Lord of Virgo, the fields of administration, authority, Chartered Accountancy, and the various other jobs and work related to accounts, would prove to be of huge benefit for them. Healthcare and medicine Research and analysis Administrative roles Quality control and inspection

Libra in the 10th House:

Venus being their Lord. Librans would be interested in creative fields and the related professions, as they have a keen eye for creativity. Who knows your child could be the next big action hero or win the Grammy for the best vocalist? Naturally blessed with creativity, their options are many. They could be in media, an architect, designer, and animation fields, deal with women’s goods and lingerie, cosmetics, beauty products or fashion designing. Law and legal professions Diplomacy and international relations Art curation Fashion and beauty industry

Scorpio in the 10th House

Lord of Scorpio is Mars, the native would excel in many fields, and to be named, they would be – medicine, pharmacy, real estate, property dealings, chef or baker, food industry, construction work or business, bricks and mortar, earth machines like ‘tandoor’, other machinery equipment, etc. They might also develop a deep interest in adventure sports, and might even aspire to be a sportsperson. Investigative work Psychology and counseling Occult and metaphysical fields Crisis management

Sagittarius in the 10th House

Jupiter is Lord of the Sagittarius sign, and when this sign is in the 10th house at the time of birth, it insists that the child born leaves no stone unturned to excel in the fields as discussed ahead. You would have high chances of procuring an administrative job, a clerical job, any religious job or service, work in a religious environment, work in the teaching department, or own a teaching/coaching institute, or work in related fields. Travel and tourism Higher education and academia Publishing and writing Philosophy and religious leadership

Capricorn in the 10th House

The Lord of Capricorn is Saturn, and the railway sector, government jobs, agricultural field, law field, medical fields also seem to bring better prospective for you. Having so many options in your platter will definitely satiate your inner needs and let you hope for the best! Business management and leadership Engineering and architecture Politics and government Financial planning

Aquarius in 11th House

The Lord is Saturn. Therefore, they would succeed if they specialize in the departments of all the branches of engineering, medical and dental, aviation, i.e., become a pilot or air hostess, hold a degree in agriculture and work in the same sector. Apart from this, they would also show their best traits in the law and justice department, judiciary field, work in/own iron or gas companies, or work for the railway departments. Technology and IT-related fields Social activism and non-profit work Scientific research Aviation and aerospace

Pisces in the 10th House

Jupiter is the Lord. You will do well in the fields of media, fashion, administrative, education, clerical jobs, agricultural, etc. They might also have income based on interest. You will possess a very creative bend of mind, and be attracted towards writing, poetry, painting, and so on. You will also have the strength and agility to score well as a sportsperson. Creative arts and music Film and photography Healing professions (e.g., therapy, counseling) Spiritual or humanitarian work

Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio
The Moon-ruled Cancer (Kartaka) Rashi indicates careers in water-related fields. This includes the navy, fishing, shipping as well as interior decoration, catering, food and beverages, exploration and the petroleum industry. It is also a nurturing Rashi and could signify a career in health care and nursing. Leo (Simha) shows a career in government, authority, politics, soldiers, higher management, speculation and even magic. The Higher octave of Mercury makes Virgo (Kanya) the Rashi for careers in teaching, IT, astrology, journalists, healers and astrologers. Libra (Tula) makes excellent judges, beauty industry personnel, models, fashion designers as well as air hostesses and receptionists. Scorpio (Vrischik) makes careers in the navy, medicine, doctors, police, the army as well as liquids and drugs as well as chemicals.
Saggitarius, Capricorn, Aquarius And Pisces
Sagittarius (Dhanus) is the Rashi of sportsmen, lawyers, judges, preachers, finance, judges, capitalists, wool, and shoe traders. Wood and timber, geologists, mineralogists, real estate agents and forest department staff are Capricorn (Makara) careers. Aquarius (Kumbha) indicates careers in astrology, counselling, NGOs, philosophy, computers and engineering. Pisces (Meena) indicates oil, chemicals, perfume, navy, sailors, surgeons, doctors, jailors, secret services, hospitals and prisons.
Analysing Profession In The Chart
The tenth house of the birth chart is the primary house of profession. The Dashamsha is the divisional chart that is studied for career-related matters. One must check the Lagna lord of the Dashamsha. Then one studies the lord of the Navamsha Rashi that the 10th lord is placed in. Of them, the strongest planet shows a clear indication of career. Jaimini astrologers also study the sign in which the Atmakaraka is placed in the Navamsa. If this is the Sun it indicates government or public sector job. Moon indicates teaching, Mars army, police or electrical, Mercury politics, business or social services. Jupiter or Saturn indicate the same profession as the father, Venus is a politician.