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Puja, Homa and the Importance of Sankalpa


नाड़ी निवारण पूजा

🪶Rs.2100 - 4100🪶


Performing This Puja can confer you with the following benefits: **Remove the negative influence of this Dosha. **Pacify the effects of Ketu and enhance positive thinking. **Help you come out of depression and distorted thinking. **Improvise personal relationship and trust. **Overcome issues of fear and removes negativity from life. **Boost your positive thinking and help you to have an optimistic outlook.

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  • Significance🪶🪶?

    In ashtkoot guna matching ,which is used for matching points in marriage, Nadi dosa carries 8 points and hold maximum points from other attributes , which itself is an indicator that Nadi dosha is prime factor in horoscope matching. For marital happiness , nadi of bride and groom should be different. Nadi dosa effects: Love might be missing between couple. There might be health problems. Problematic married life. Infertility problems. Health problems in children. Nadi dosa parihar, Nadi dosha remedies , Nadi dosha ke upay: **There is need to recite Mahamritunjay mantra as much as possible **There is need to donate cow, food and clothes to Brahmin **There is need to get Nadi dosha nivaran pooja. **Giving wheat equal to weight of bride and groom to poor persons Nadi dosha puja vidhi / Nadi dosha Upasana Vidhi /Nadi dosha Pooja / Nadi dosha Shanti yagya/Nadi dosha nivaran pooja/Nadi dosha remedies/Nadi dosha ke upay : One of the important remedies for navgrah planets is to get Yagya for concerned planet . Reciting Nadi dosha nivaran mantras will be helpful to reduce intensity of Nadi dosha . Keeping that thing in perspective, we had come up with Nadi dosha Shanti yagya or better called as Nadi dosha puja vidhi/ Nadi dosha Upasana vidhi/ Nadi dosha Pooja or Nadi dosha nivaran puja. Here , puja for different planets can be different but end motto is same , that is to give strength to planet and to get blessing from concerned planet. When we try to recite Nadi dosha nivaran mantra or while in Nadi dosha upasana vidhi / Nadi dosha pooja , we can commit mistakes and we might not get desired results of Nadi dosha Pooja . For the sake and benefit of clients , we had come up with Nadi dosha Shanti yagya or better called as Nadi dosha nivaran puja . We will be covering Nadi dosha puja vidhi / Nadi dosha Upasana Vidhi /Nadi dosha Pooja / Nadi dosha Shanti yagya /Nadi dosha nivaran yagya for the benefit of our clients which can be booked on our website. Nadi dosha Puja normally starts on Monday and can continue till 3-4 days , which will depend upon ,how much recitation of nadi dosha mantras had to be done in performing Nadi dosha shanti yagya . Major point in Nadi dosha Pooja will be to recite Nadi doshaa nivaran mantras which can go higher till 1,25,000 Nadi dosha mantras . Higher, recitation of Nadi dosha mantras helps to reduce intensity of nadi dosa. To begin any puja , “Oath / Sankalp/ Resolution “ is taken by head pundit which will be accompany by other pundits (vedic priests ) as reciting “N” number of mantras cannot be done by 1 pundit alone on behalf of client. In this sankalp , head pundit will name assistant pundits and convey client name , his/her father name , current residential address , his/her gotra that we will be conducting Nadi dosha pooja for client and read client sankalp (wishes to reduce intensity of nadi dosha) . Further, vedic priest will also convey recitation of “N” number of Nadi dosha mantras which will be completed in specified number of day/days for client. After sankalp , vedic priests will lit fire , remember Lord Ganesha and start to recite Nadi dosha mantras. Nadi dosha shanti yagya can be finished in one day or can last till 4-7 days as well , which will again depend upon , how much Nadi dosha mantras had to be recited to complete Nadi dosha Shanti yagya . On basis of calculation, Nadi dosha Puja , will last from 3-4 hour daily for “N” number of days to finish count of Nadi dosha mantras in specific frame of time . Further , side by side , HAVAN ( fire is lit in kund ( vassel ) to perform pooja ) is being done and after chanting of each mantra , ahuti ( offering is made in fire ) with recitation of mantra “Swaha “ after giving ahuti in fire . This process goes in recycle and will require experienced vedic priests to complete Nadi dosha pooja . Ahuti or samagri ( mixture that is put in fire ) can slightly vary for different pooja but altogether remains same while performing yagya . Here basic thing is devotion , dedication and faith while performing pooja which had to be there in client . At the end of the day , dry coconut is filled with specific things and offered in fire and then same process will continue next day , till the time , complete cycles of Nadi dosha mantras is not finished in specified manner. At the end of the pooja as well as on particular day , parikrama ( moving in circle besides havan kund ) is done by vedic priests . After completion of mantras , Pooja is organized for other God and Goddess too to take their blessing and different offerings like flowers , fruits , sweets , ghee , rice , milk , curd , honey are given to Gods and Goddesses. In completion ceremony, head pundit will announce that, He along with assistant pundits had completed Nadi dosha Puja in specified number of times and please bless native by eliminating bad effects of nadi dosha. Benefit of yagya is that, even without reaching to site of Nadi dosha shanti yagya , client can get benefit by just giving his/her photograph . His/Her photograph will be kept besides havan kund as a symbol that nadi dosa pooja is being done for the client . Here basic thing that client need while performing Nadi dosha Puja on his/her behalf are :- Dedication , faith and devotion for getting Nadi dosha Shanti yagya, Nadi dosha Pooja. Till the start and finish of Nadi dosha Pooja , one had to refrain from eating non-veg foods , liquor etc . Native had to follow good code of conduct. Native had to shed aggression and violence activities. Daily after taking bath , had to pray to Lord Shiva for getting success in Nadi dosha Puja . After completion of Nadi dosha Puja , vedic priests will be given dakshina ( Fees) on client behalf . After, completion of Nadi dosha Pooja , client himself /herself had to distribute ghee , wheat , rice , clothes , lentils to poor persons and pray to gaurishankar for betterment in life .In this way , Nadi dosha pooja will be completed and one can get relief from bad effects of nadi dosha.

    Importance of नाड़ी निवारण पूजा🪶🪶

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  • 	एक संभावित जोड़े के बीच कुंडली के मिलान में नाड़ी दोष शादी और अनुकूलता के मुद्दों के बाद संतान प्राप्ति की समस्याओं को इंगित करता है।
    उद्देश्यः नाड़ी दोष निवारण पूजा द्वारा इसके बुरे प्रभाव से छुटकारा पाना
    प्रत्येक व्यक्ति का भाग्य, जन्म की तारीख और समय के आधार पर तीन नाड़ियों में बंटा होता है - आदि, मध्य और अंतर। आदर्श रूप से, यह अनुशंसा की जाती है कि जीवनसाथी अलग-अलग नाड़ी के हों, और केवल ऐसे ही साथी विवाहित हों, जिनके पास पूर्ण वैवाहिक जीवन हो।
    नाडी दोष निवारण पूजा कुंडली में इस दोष के हानिकारक प्रभाव को दूर कर सकती है और विवाह के बाद दाम्पत्य जीवन को खुशहाल बना सकती है।
    यहां नाड़ी दोष निवारण पूजा के कुछ लाभ बताए गए हैंः
    यह पूजा शादी के बाद एक जोड़े को सद्भाव और सौहार्दपूर्ण संबंध का आशीर्वाद देती है।
    यह पूजा नाड़ी दोष के हानिकारक प्रभाव को दूर करती है और एक जोड़े को गर्भ धारण करने में मदद करता है।
    jyotishgher आपके विवरण के आधार पर वैदिक अनुष्ठानों के अनुसार पूजा करेगा। कृपया अपने सही जन्म विवरण और संकल्प का उल्लेख करें या चेकआउट करें।
    मंत्र जाप और संकल्प का एक लघु वीडियो पूजा अनुष्ठान की तस्वीर के साथ आपको भेजा जाएगा।


    How Puja is performed? We have an energised place to conduct this Dosha Nivaran puja on your behalf. We have genuine Hindu pandits with years of experience in Karamkaand (Hindu priest work) who have excellent Sanskrit pronunciation. Our Pandits follow Hindu rituals and mantras while performing this puja. A specific yantra is energised during the puja which is shipped to you with an advice of keeping that yantra at your home or workplace for further benefit. Why You should Book Online Puja With jyotishgher? **Personalized Puja performed according to Vedic standards and procedures by our Vedic priest. **The designated Pandit ji will perform only one puja at a time. Also, your Sankalp will be taken in order to align Puja with your purpose and make it personalized. **Use of high-quality Puja Samagri to generate a considerable amount of positive energy. **Virtually participate in live puja performed by our Vedic priests via Google meet. **Convenient and transparent online Puja with guaranteed punctuality and authenticity by jyotishgher Team. After connecting with you, our Pandit Ji will examine planetary positions in your birth chart and will decide a particular time for Kaal Sarp Dosha Pooja. You will attend live puja via video chat app. Puja can be recorded as well on your request. Book this Pooja now.

    Price of this Puja is Approx Rs.2100 - 4100🪶

    आवश्यक सुचना : Vedic Puja ना किसी मंदिर या ट्रस्ट का प्रतिनिधित्व करता है| ना किसी प्रसाद वितरण और निर्माता से जुड़ा हुआ है | हम सिर्फ स्थानीय मंदिर के पुजारियों के द्वारा आपको पूजा की सेवा उपलब्ध कराते है|

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