Is Zodiac Compatibility Real

Love might just be the most confusing—but beautiful—sentiment we experience as humans. But one look at our social media feeds, and it seems as though astrology memes and Instagram horoscopes proclaiming which signs are the most compatible are sending us the message that our love lives are predetermined by the stars. As an astrologer myself, the most frequently asked questions I receive from clients are about their relationships. People don’t ask “Will I be successful?” or “What’s in my future?” but instead: “Are we astrologically compatible?” Helping someone find an answer requires much more than just looking at both parties’ Sun signs, however. It also calls for a deep dive within each person’s astrological chart, which is made up of three elements.

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First, there's your Sun Sign, which most people know as their main zodiac sign, the aspect of your chart that signifies your ego. Then, there's your Moon Sign, which shapes your emotional outlook. And finally, you have a rising sign, which is the face you show to the world. (If you want to figure out all three of your own signs, I recommend checking out Jyotshgher Astrology's Android App & website.)

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