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72 to 90 Hours by email, So have patience.Don't pressure us at the earliest because analysis takes time and efforts else for Urgent analysis go to premium consultation.


Sh.Amit Shukla



× Humble Request! Analysis will take 3 to 4 Days by Email | After payment please write your birth details & Particular query(PLEASE) once more to the confirmation email sended you.



10-15 Years

Predictions On🪶🪶

	Predictions On :
Love life
Career directions,
Prediction of Horoscope,
Divoce in Kundli,
Vis Yog in kundli,
Loshu Grid Analysis,
Extra Affairs of partner 

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	New Delhi (1500 Queries Solved)

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Such Questions & Answers often Asked Among Such as Sample🪶🪶

1. Mental Compatibility,Physical Compatibility How alike are they in their thinking process and the level of agreement & disagreement on key issues?

2. Longevity of life of each partner?

3. Happiness related with progeny & Children?

4. Wealth & Luck - Will this be a lucky match and a fortunate association? 

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