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72 to 90 Hours by email, So have patience.Don't pressure us at the earliest because analysis takes time and efforts else for Urgent analysis go to premium consultation.


Sh.Deepak Bath



× Humble Request! Analysis will take 3 to 4 Days by Email | After payment please write your birth details & Particular query(PLEASE) once more to the confirmation email sended you.



13-17 Years

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Children Astrology,
Chinese Astrology,
Western Astrology
Late Marriage,
Second Marriage,
Family Problems

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	Punjab (2100 Queries Solved)

× Humble Request! For Accuracy Place 1 or 2 Query on same area at a time.


	2500+ +

Such Questions & Answers often Asked Among Such as Sample🪶🪶

1.When will I have a baby?
2.Will I have another baby?
3.Where shall I settle down in life?  
4.Will my family get united?
astrology family life	
5.When will the problems in my family be over?
6.How long will our love last?
7.Can I trust my lover? 
8.Will our love end in marriage?
9.Is my existing partner compatible?
10.Does my ex-lover still love me?

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