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Late Marriage Report (6500 Reports Done)



× Humble Request! Analysis will take 3 to 4 Days by Email | After payment please write your birth details & Particular query(PLEASE) once more to the confirmation email sended you.

Summary of report🪶🪶


20 Rules will be checked in D1,D9 and Sarvashtak Chart.Precise analysis.Late|Delay|Denial| In Marriage-Vedic Astrology Analysis late marriages are quite common now and there are parents who tends to get worried on this account. We can not judge a person based on his or her late marriage because there is always a practical reason behind this. As we all know for marriage primary house to be seen is 7th & its lord, along with that divisional chart D-9 should be given equal weight age. Apart from 7th house, the role of 8th & 12th house lord also has a significant role in timely marriage. The condition of karaka for marriage i.e Venus for male & Jupiter for the female should be checked thoroughly. Upapada & condition of Darakaraka should also be considered before concluding the final result.

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	Atleast 4 days By Email
× Humble Request! For Accuracy Place 1 or 2 Query with the report at a time.

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