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Chitra and Ashwini Nakshatra: Ashwini is exactly the opposite Nakshatra to Chitra. In theory, they should be the best partners for you. The reality is different. You need to look beyond your personal needs and understand what Ashwini want from you. Ashwini's habit of rejecting does not make you happy. You should nurture Ashwini and to not lash out at them. 47% compatible

Chitra and Bharani Nakshatra: A challenging relationship. You can fall for Bharani swiftly. It is an exciting, fun and sensual experience. The cold reality in the aftermath of spent passion is that there are hardly any interests that keep you together. Bharani's possessiveness is impossible to handle. You want out and you may not be very kind with their emotions. 22% compatible

Chitra and Krittika Nakshatra: You can be a great friend with Krittika. You love them and indulge their passion. You can fight with each other, but you know how to make up. You introduce Krittika to more exotic life. They can be disapproving of your more adventurous exploits but they will stick by you. Be appreciative and stop being competitive. 61% compatible

Chitra and Rohini Nakshatra: You love Rohini's sensuality, romanticism and ability to love you so completely. But you hate their jealousies, their tantrums and their possessiveness. These usually cause a rift between you. You are unable to give your soul to them but they want it all. Find a middle ground so that you enjoy the pleasure while minimising the pain. 49% compatible

Chitra and Mrigashirsha Nakshatra: You are too similar - aggressive, combative and fiery. This relationship may become a competition. You will try to compete with each other for everything - career, success and appreciation. Mrigasira's analysis of your feelings does not go down well. Your dominance is not acceptable to them. Stop fighting and start loving. 37% compatible

Chitra and Ardra Nakshatra: Ardra is so different from you. But an unlikely attraction flourishes. They love you unconditionally and you enjoy their love. You find their brightness exhilarating and life with them is an adventure. They can show their love too readily and this is boring, but their brand of simple love can soon be just as palatable and enjoyable as the rest of the relationship. 65% compatible

Chitra and Punarvasu Nakshatra: You appreciate the Punarvasu wisdom. You are happy to relate to Punarvasu on whatever level they want to connect. You are happy with Punarvasu's flexible attitude to love; you are also not into commitment and appreciate someone who does not make this a priority. You are willing to commit to non-commitment. 58% compatible

Chitra and Pushya Nakshatra: Pushya is tough to deal with. While you know they have a lot to teach you, you are not sure you want to listen or want a relationship where you are always reminded of reality. What's wrong with chasing your dream? You rebel against Pushya; this will set the tone of the relationship. There is a mutual lack of understanding. 30% compatible

Chitra and Ashlesha Nakshatra: You fall for Ashlesha's charm, but also enjoy their wisdom and deep knowledge. You are intrigued by their air of detachment and love the way their mind works. Ashlesha explores the relationship with you as if it is a deep mystery and as you can always surprise them with your depth, they remain interested. 67% compatible

Chitra and Magha Nakshatra: You find the Magha status, power and ambitions sexy. Just make sure you are not falling for them for the wrong reasons. Many similarities tie you together. Both love and sex are powerful and you enjoy the idealism of Magha. You connect to their vision. Magha can be in awe of you sexually and you can intimidate. 58% compatible

Chitra and Purva Phalguni Nakshatra: This is a Mars and Venus relationship - volatile, intense and passionate. But when the passion has died down, you find nothing in common with Purva Phalguni. You find their sensuality unbalancing. You block them every effort get to know you; you can ignore them and make no effort to appreciate them. 19% compatible

Chitra and Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra: You can be good friends but Uttara Phalguni is the worst sexual partner for you. Sexual frustration can bring out a tendency to fight and a struggle for supremacy. Uttara Phalguni can be too practical and boring. You may also stop making the effort to woo them or care for their needs. 47% compatible

Chitra and Hasta Nakshatra: Your best relationship. You love Hasta's sophistication and their ability to care for you. Are unfazed by their moodiness, enjoying the various strands that make up their personality. Their earthiness, their generosity and their ability to inspire you to love; all are potent attractions that survive the test of time. 79% compatible

Chitra and Chitra Nakshatra: You find other Chitra good companions and excellent lovers. Both of you are strong personalities so you can fight, disagree and argue, but you will also love each other. Being too similar, you can forever be seeking excitement, thrills and stimulation and may not know how to deal with the boring bits like responsibility. 66% compatible

Chitra and Swati Nakshatra: Both of you appear hard and uncaring, your symbols, pearl and coral, are found in the deep seas. Esoterically sea reflects emotions; both of you are connected by emotions. If you learn to love each other and show your emotions, you become tired in a wonderful bond. You share something precious and special. 65% compatible

Chitra and Vishakha Nakshatra: Vishakha is your best sexual partner and its ruler Jupiter your best friend. Exciting and sensual, this relationship helps both of you find happiness and love. You learn to share with Vishakha. The love between you is great, sex even better. You are usually happy to sacrifice your independence for them. 74% compatible

Chitra and Anuradha Nakshatra: You find Anuradha's brand of love stifling and inhibiting. But you never really try to understand Anuradha's emotional needs. The initial attraction will quickly die off, leaving you finding ways to get out of this relationship. In the long term, this relationship is about differing ideologies and stressed relationships. 23% compatible

Chitra and Jyeshta Nakshatra: You always disagree with them, you do not always see eye to eye. But you allow Jyeshta to charm you. Jyeshta are great lovers: sensuous, hedonistic and pleasure-seeking. You can love them easily. You are also amused at their attempts to control you. Their psychological games can irritate and you may choose not to play them. 62% compatible

Chitra and Mula Nakshatra: You know you could love Mula the moment you meet them. They connect you and cut through the façade you present to the world. They recognise your deep spirituality and beauty. They also never ask for more than you are willing to give. You love their lifestyle; your relationship with them can be one long adventure. 75% compatible

Chitra and Purva Ashadha Nakshatra: Purva Ashadha is creative, unconventional, sexy and totally wrong for you. But the attraction flares and passion explodes. This is a planet Mars - Venus fascination - which is uncontrollable, unreliable and ultimately unsatisfying. You never tried to go get to know each other. Neither of you knows how to handle the aftermath. 36% compatible

Chitra and Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra: Uttara Ashadha's lack of confidence in your relationship can spoil it all. You are with them because you like their cool strength. Your sensuous nature is attracted to their stark simplicity even though they may live in most plush and rich surroundings. You can be good friends. Sexually you need to take the initiative. 55% compatible

Chitra and Shravana Nakshatra: You will always be friends with Shravana even after your relationship is over. They bring out the protective streak within you. You want to care for them. Sexually you can have exciting times. They know how to keep you interested. You love it when they are cool, as you know how to change their attitude. 58% compatible

Chitra and Dhanishta Nakshatra: Your similar natures become a huge stumbling block to this relationship. You both want to win every fight and have the last word. You should recognise each other's strengths and not challenge them at every step. Be democratic, consult, and not argue. Keep quality time aside for love and tenderness. 50% compatible

Chitra and Shatabhisha Nakshatra: Shatabhishak appear so remote, so difficult to know that you take them on as a challenge. They can be very attracted to you and they break their personal rules in getting to know you more intimately. They tell you their secrets and open their soul to you. It takes time but love and strong commitment is the outcome. 69% compatible

Chitra and Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra: You like Purva Bhadrapada, you can enjoy an affair, even love them in your own way. But your way is not their way. You want too much from life to settle. You are not good at domestic responsibility. You need to be admired and loved always. Purva Bhadrapada can ignore your needs; they can also be too lazy. 45% compatible

Chitra and Uttara Bhadrapada nakshatra: Your worst relationship. The buffalo Uttara Bhadrapada can be unexciting lovers, but they also try to shape you in their own image. They challenge you at every step, making you doubt yourself totally. You fight back, being merciless in your condemnation and rejection. You can be very unhappy with them. 18% compatible

Chitra and Revati Nakshatra: You find Revati hard to handle. It begins as profound love; you feel you have met your soul mate. Then you are constantly under pressure trying to live up to their demands for perfection. You are not into commitment, and sex for you should be fun and passionate. You are not able to revere Revati enough. 43% compatible

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