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Revati and Ashwini Nakshatra: Ashwini are fiery and passionate and special to you. You can love them too much. They are not into commitment and can treat you in a cavalier fashion. You find them sexy and exciting and usually accept whatever type of relationship they want. Ashwini usually treats you well as you bring out their protective instincts. 72% compatible

Revati and Bharani Nakshatra: Bharani sensuality fascinates you but you can also feel unsure about using your sexuality the way they do. They are involved more in the material world and you in the spiritual. By following your separate paths in the right manner, you fulfil something important. Love them without guilt and they will respect your spirituality. 69% compatible

Revati and Krittika Nakshatra: Krittika feel warm and friendly towards everyone, but cannot express it. They may keep you at arm's length. They expect you to make all the effort. You can be jealous of their many friends. You cannot always deal with the Krittika inability to talk about love. If you want to analyse your partnership, they do not want to know. 32% compatible

Revati and Rohini Nakshatra: Idealistic Revati and Romantic Rohini, both of you are looking for something that is rare in this materialistic world. But you tend to weave your fantasies around Rohini and they are not able to live up to them. You may need a more realistic partner than Rohini; you can get too carried away by love. Reality can disappoint. 53% compatible

Revati and Mrigashirsha Nakshatra: An attraction of opposites. Your idealism touches some deep emotion in the intellectual Mrigasira. You feel energised by their courage and mental strength. They love to analyse your relationship and together you find ways to improve its quality. You agree to disagree on fundamentals and that is why it works so beautifully. 74% compatible

Revati and Ardra Nakshatra: Ardra are unconventional, a bit crazy and eccentric; they like to live life with super intensity. They bring excitement and fun. You love them for being so different. They engage you in hours of philosophical discussion and are happy to discuss your relationship in detail. They go from being in emotional denial to expressing love. 72% compatible

Revati and Punarvasu Nakshatra: You are insecure and Punarvasu advises you and help you to be more confident. They will take over your problems and you feel comfortable leaning on them emotionally. Be careful you do not get into a pupil-teacher relationship and ignore the intimacy of love. The high compatibility suggests you won't. 69% compatible

Revati and Pushya Nakshatra: Your rulers, Saturn and Mercury are good friends; you can adapt to Pushya's needs. You feel supported by the steadfastness of Pushya. They love you, care for you and they take their commitment to you seriously. You feel they will not let you down. You try to make their life easier and help them to open up emotionally. 72% compatible

Revati and Ashlesha Nakshatra: You want your relationship to be special and your partner to concentrate on you but Ashlesha are unable to give you the unconditional love you seek. You feel that Ashlesha is holding back, keeping a part of their life private. How can love flourish under such circumstances? You feel insecure and unloved. 33% compatible

Revati and Magha Nakshatra: You can love Magha too much, but you can also get disappointed when Magha do not live up to your expectations. Magha will increase your insecurity with their inability to control their sensual indulgences. A Magha and Revati relationship is a spiritually complex one. You can cause each other unhappiness and be self-destructive. 33% compatible

Revati and Purva Phalguni Nakshatra: You are happy to be doing whatever it takes to make Purva Phalguni happy. You love their creativity and their ability to have fun, but mostly you fall for their commitment to love and family life. They also take your relationship seriously. Purva Phalguni never understands your spiritual needs but you are happy to compromise. 67% compatible

Revati and Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra: Both of you believe that sexuality should be within committed relationships and are serious about love. You like the Uttara Phalguni dependability. They are realistic whereas your head can be in the clouds. Your relationship works so well because each one of you gives what the other does not have. 69% compatible

Revati and Hasta Nakshatra: You love the way Hasta try to transcend their destiny, trying to improve the quality of their life. You can see the difficulties they face, as they need to mature spiritually. Hasta will look to you for support and you need theirs. You can guide them spiritually while they can make you more comfortable with your emotions. 66% compatible

Revati and Chitra Nakshatra: You are attracted to the passionate, courageous and talented Chitra. But you find them to be lazy lovers. They do not always consider your needs. When you point it out, they become defensive and feel you are being unnecessarily critical. Chitra is not into commitment and you may feel they do not respect your wishes at all. 43% compatible

Revati and Swati Nakshatra: You are an idealist. You look at life through rose-tinted glasses. Swati are pragmatists but you imagine them to be romantic and perfect. Swati can feed this illusion. When the veil lifts from your eyes, you get very disappointed. Hurtful arguments can follow. Try to be more realistic and avoid unnecessary heartache. 24% compatible

Revati and Vishakha Nakshatra: Vishakha are very sexual and you can go from being earthy and passionate about being guilty about your sensuality. If you try to control Vishakha, they are not going to take to it kindly. Vishakha cannot be supportive and committed. You feel hurt by their lack of love and their detachment from you. 18% compatible

Revati and Anuradha Nakshatra: Anuradha loves you in a way that makes you feel special. You reciprocate their love. Both of you try to anticipate each other's needs and fulfil your desires. Their love will complete you. Anuradha supports your more unrealistic flights of fancy while you help them to reconcile their outer world with their inner self. 72% compatible

Revati and Jyeshta or Jyeshtha Nakshatra: Two Mercury-ruled Nakshatras, both at spiritual junctions in life. You seek idealism in love and Jyeshta want sensuality. Jyeshta can make you feel unsure by their ability to play fast and loose with your emotions. Both of you tend to analyse every aspect of your relationships which can sometimes create problems where there were none. 55% compatible

Revati and Mula Nakshatra: You fall for the unconventional Mula. You know how to deal with their changing nature and tastes. You have no problem keeping up with the quick-thinking Mula. You offer friendship and unconditional love. Mula is learning to renounce the world's ties while you are already comfortable with giving them up. Sexual issues may emerge. 72% compatible

Revati and Purva Ashadha Nakshatra: Creative, talented, bright and intelligent, Purva Ashadha appears perfect to you. You fall for them quickly. This is a relationship where you do not get disappointed. Purva Ashadha has the capacity to surprise you with their wisdom and their ability to be creative. A great relationship where love flourishes. 83% compatible

Revati and Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra: Complex, hard to understand and ascetic, Uttara Ashadha does not encourage you to get to know them, much less love them. You love their strength, their ability to face pain, You love them even though they keep pushing you away. You need to keep them aware of your love and not let them wallow in their loneliness. 55% compatible

Revati and Shravana Nakshatra: Your sentimentality towards each other can create unrealistic expectations, You have deep psychic connections. You understand each other's insecurities and struggles, You will sacrifice all for the love of Shravana. You can live in an unreal world so be prepared to deal with life's struggles and not blame each other. 64% compatible

Revati and Dhanishta Nakshatra: Dhanishta is your worst sexual partner. Both of you are dominant personalities and should treat each other with respect. Your problem is that you never allow Dhanishta into your space. This relationship can be sexually frustrating and emotionally dry. You want them to revere you and they want you to worship them; both are sure to be disappointed. 36% compatible

Revati and Shatabhisha Nakshatra: Shatabhishak can hurt you and they do not appreciate you or love you enough. You can never be sure of them. Their ability to be elusive and secretive is usually overlooked by you initially. You can love unwisely and they are not always right for you. They are too complex and their lack of commitment makes you insecure. 42% compatible

Revati and Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra: Purva Bhadrapada is your worst sexual partner but you will compromise. Sex is not the most important factor in your relationships. You have so much in common and you usually divide your responsibilities. But as the female elephant, you are not as aggressive towards the lion Purva Bhadra, as you feel towards the lioness Dhanishta. 68% compatible

Revati and Uttara Bhadrapada nakshatra: You worship and adore Uttara Bhadra and treat your relationship as sacred. You want to create something everlasting from your love for each other. In the relationship, there is Peace, happiness and compatibility. That it doesn't mean you do not face problems but that you are strong together and your love transcends anything the world throws at you. 91% compatible

Revati and Revati Nakshatra: The relationship between two idealists can have its difficulties. Both of you want such perfection that it is impossible to deliver. This can make you disappointed with life and disillusioned. You must learn to be realistic and keep your feet on the ground. Watch out for jealousy from other people as it can wreck your dream. 77% compatible

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