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Ardra and Ashwini Nakshatra: You can feel rejected by Ashwini. But overcoming the initial hurdles can be extremely rewarding. Ashwini can complete your karmic search for a perfect partner. You can also get caught in an emotional turmoil that can make you experience extremes of emotions, deliriously happy one day and totally disconsolate the next. 44% compatible

Ardra and Bharani Nakshatra: You love the sensuality of Bharani: they bathe you in their earthy warmth, and you feel secure with them. You will tell them about your emotional needs and trust them with your love. With Bharani, you explore deeper emotions and learn to express your sensuality. You must also give them loyalty and sexual fidelity. 69% compatible

Ardra and Krittika Nakshatra: Both of you are afraid to trust and express your inner emotions. You are extremely unconventional while Krittika likes to be traditional. You have to make them trust you, then they will reveal their hidden nature. You must avoid being too secretive. Krittika is very vulnerable and you must try not to be too critical. 49% compatible

Ardra and Rohini Nakshatra: This relationship works despite the initial mistrust. Your ruling planet Rahu creates fear within the Moon, Rohini's ruler. As the compatibility is high, you can convert the fear into delicious excitement - where you explore an unconventional relationship that goes against the grain and still survives. 64% compatible

Ardra and Mrigashirsha Nakshatra: You are instantly aware of Mrigasira's hidden sensual nature. They find your intelligence exciting and will be happy to teach you to love. Both of you enjoy shifting the goalposts of your relationship, improving its quality as your love grows. Give them your commitment and faith. Mutually fulfilling. 78% compatible

Ardra and Ardra Nakshatra: Only another Ardra can understand you. Your hidden emotions are no secret to them. Both of you understand the need for love but also why you usually camouflage it so successfully. An unconventional relationship, practical on the face of it but deeply loving within. A partnership of equals. Trust is important. 77% compatible

Ardra and Punarvasu Nakshatra: You can settle into a relationship with Punarvasu for all the wrong reasons. You think they can help you fulfil your ambitions, and you enjoy their wisdom and advice. You find it hard to understand their need to love and mother everyone. A relationship between a dog and a cat Nakshatra leads to frequent fights. 51% compatible

Ardra and Pushya Nakshatra: You may feel you are willing to settle for a practical relationship with Pushya while your soul desires love, emotion, romance and idealism. Pushya is unable to fulfil your desires fully, but they can love you for who you are, support you and be there for you. You can develop intimacy and excitement. 55% compatible

Ardra and Ashlesha Nakshatra: Ashlesha appears to be mystical, wise and very much in control of their life. But you make a fatal mistake: you let them know you admire them. If you allow your emotions to shine, this makes you an easy conquest for Ashlesha and therefore boring. They will love you and leave you. Ashlesha's animal sign (or yoni) is the cat and as a dog yoni, you will fight with them. 33% compatible

Ardra and Magha Nakshatra: Rahu is the ruling planet for Ardra and Ketu is the ruling planet for Magha, so you are invisibly tied in an eternal struggle to find happiness. The path of love never runs smooth. Happiness comes after a struggle and facing unexpected challenges. Magha helps you to understand your inner world and not just be in touch with your outer one. 58% compatible

Ardra and Purva Phalguni Nakshatra: Great relationship. You are drawn to Purva Phalguni for their charm and sophistication, but you love them for their ability to give you strong support and recognise your inner vulnerability. They will be your friend and your lover. You may fight and argue relentlessly but it is your way of showing them you care. 75% compatible

Ardra and Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra: Uttara Phalguni is dynamic, vital and sexy. They drench you with their sunny personality; you find their warmth comforting. Their ambitions and their power act like an aphrodisiac. Unknowingly Uttara Phalguni can make you realise your weakness and through this process, you discover your strengths. 61% compatible

Ardra and Hasta Nakshatra: Both of you believe in free will and personal choices. Hasta loves you and cares for you but they are also practical and successful. You like their independence and enjoy their sophistication. You love their earthiness. Try not to be too analytical about your relationship. Hasta can take it as a personal criticism and feel hurt. 67% compatible

Ardra and Chitra Nakshatra: Chitra means a reflection and here they reflect your soul's desires. An unlikely attraction binds you together where you gain power through their love and they help to fulfil your ambitions. You show your love too easily to Chitra and they are not always easy to please sexually. Be yourself and allow them to take the lead sexually. 65% compatible

Ardra and Swati Nakshatra: Swati are exciting, charming and loving. They are happy with your love and are affectionate and supportive. Love can be wonderful with them. This is a meeting of minds, similar ambitions and the need to be someone. You are emotionally satisfied, you are open about your love for Swati and they warmly reciprocate. 75% compatible

Ardra and Vishakha Nakshatra: Both of you are searching for something indefinable, more sublime. But finding this is not always possible. This creates a sense of expectation form you that Vishakha will fill your inner void and make the nagging discontentment go away. Do not put such a burden on them. Both of you can feel unhappy and disappointed by the result. 46% compatible

Ardra and Anuradha Nakshatra: You do not fully understand the romantic Anuradha. Their sensitivity usually makes you impatient with them. The sexual incompatibility means that there is an underlying frustration in your relationship, which can create problems in other areas as well. Learn to love Anuradha for what they are, and control your aggressiveness. 53% compatible

Ardra and Jyeshta Nakshatra: Jyeshta aggravate your fear of emotions; they can mess you up emotionally. You find the relationship sexually cold. Jyeshta can control you and if you are too malleable, this makes them even more dominant. You can create emotional upheavals for each other and experience the real disillusionment of love gone wrong. 14% compatible

Ardra and Mula Nakshatra: Mula's ruler Ketu is your other half. This relationship can be intense and karmic. You are strongly attracted to Mula but Mula usually shy away from you since being sexually satisfied with you means that they are failing in their spiritual responsibilities. They can be unkind in the way they reject you. Sex alone is never enough for them. 42% compatible

Ardra and Purva Ashadha Nakshatra: You can be great friends and lovers. You usually have no clear definition of your perfect lover and Purva Ashadha is not sure they want a fixed partnership. Somehow two uncommitted souls find commitment in each other. Both of you take an unusual journey together without worrying too much about convention and society. 77% compatible

Ardra and Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra: You know you love Uttara Ashadha more than they do you. But you sense their loneliness and you understand their need for love and emotional security. You wish they could be more demonstrative. You aspire to their spiritual wisdom and their ability to be there for you even when the going gets tough. 64% compatible

Ardra and Shravana Nakshatra: You want Shravana to appear to offer: love, emotion, sentimentality and passion. This relationship brings all your complexes about emotions and feelings. You can reject Shravana for no apparent reason. You can be running away from your dream of having an emotionally mature and loving relationship. 61% compatible

Ardra and Dhanishta Nakshatra: Dhanishta will question your actions and fight over your need to be intellectually superior. You never feel totally at ease with Dhanishta, so you keep your vulnerabilities hidden. Dhanishta can be loyal and loving if they feel you are weak or fight you for every inch if you do insist on being strong and impervious. 50% compatible

Ardra and Shatabhisha Nakshatra: You are so similar that your relationship lacks balance. Both of you forget to work with the heart and emotions. Shatabhishak has encased their heart in steel, but you do not have the necessary skill to break this barrier. You can talk, socialise or work together but loving each other is a totally different matter. 33% compatible

Ardra and Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra: You can be too much in awe of Purva Bhadra. To impress them, you can try to be someone who you think they will appreciate more. You also take a lot of nonsense from them, allowing them to take your love casually. Stand up to them and do not allow your relationship to become too one-sided. 48% compatible

Ardra and Uttara Bhadrapada nakshatra: Uttara Bhadra is such a comforting presence in your life: loving you, encouraging you and helping you come to terms with the obstacles in life. Remember that Uttara Bhadra put a lot of emphasis on commitment and fidelity, so don't promise it without meaning it. They can get hurt and lose their trust. 72% compatible

Ardra and Revati Nakshatra: Revati look beyond the restrictions that intellect imposes on them; you find their views on life fascinating. This fascination can soon turn to love. You talk endlessly. You take risks emotionally that you never thought you would. Philosophy, love and emotions all make up a very nice package for both of you. 72% compatible

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