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Anuradha and Ashwini Nakshatra: Ashwini makes good partners for you as long as you do not make the mistake of clinging to them too much. They need to feel free, and this does not mean they do not love. They are passionate and carefree, so different from you. They are not romantic with words but by being with you, they are showing their love. 66% compatible

Anuradha and Bharani Nakshatra: This is your spiritually complex relationship. Bharani want sex and you want love, both of you can mistake one for the other. You feel insecure with them and this makes you restless. Talk to them about your feelings and how they can appear to be uncaring when they do not want to talk love and romance. 47% compatible

Anuradha and Krittika Nakshatra: Powerful and dynamic, Krittika have a strong pull for you. They are the strong and silent type - their ability to protect you makes you love them even more. They envelop you in their warmth and you feel your defences melting. Be careful you are not building up too many expectations. 60% compatible

Anuradha and Rohini Nakshatra: You aspire to divine love and Rohini seek self-realisation through love - a perfect combination. Both can fulfil each other's need for romance and love so sublime that others can only fantasize about it. Rohini's passionate love brings out the best in you. Just remember to come back to earth from time to time. 80% compatible

Anuradha and Mrigashirsha Nakshatra: Your relationship with Mrigasira can be frustrating. They refuse to accept your love without questioning it at every stage. They make you put up your defences fast. You usually live in hope that your Mrigasira lover will change and become more like the love you want. Never mistake their need for sex as a need for love. 47% compatible

Anuradha and Ardra Nakshatra: Your attraction to Ardra is usually a slightly fearful fascination, but the romantic in you think it will turn out right in the end. Ardra's inability to combine sex with softly spoken words of love makes you feel unloved. They may try to dominate or control you and can dash your hopes. 53% compatible

Anuradha and Punarvasu Nakshatra: You enjoy Punarvasu's ability to be everywhere all the time, and mostly you are happy to wait for them. In a way, both of you have something vital to give each other: Punarvasu expands your horizons far beyond where you usually venture and you give them stability in their life by loving them selflessly. 62% compatible

Anuradha and Pushya Nakshatra: Saturn rules both Pushya and Anuradha. You can be inflexible about your search for divine love. Pushya is afraid to be enveloped so completely by emotions and will keep strict control over their feelings. Teach them about love and help them deal with their emotions, then you can hope to make this relationship better. 47% compatible

Anuradha and Ashlesha Nakshatra: Ashlesha hate complications and, of course, love usually involves passion, possessiveness and complex emotions. They shy away from this. Your lifeblood is love. How do you overcome this? By keeping the relationship simple and uncomplicated to start with. Do not put the burden of your emotional expectations on their shoulders. 53% compatible

Anuradha and Magha Nakshatra: You have different outlooks on life, work ethics and romantic needs. You can be cool and Magha warm, but together there is an alchemy that defies convention. You care for Magha, love them, cherish them and their warmth adds sparkle to your life. Be more generous sexually, as Magha need that just like you need love. 66% compatible

Anuradha and Purva Phalguni Nakshatra: Purva Phalguni are fun, social, witty, charming and creative; loving them is a wonderful experience. Your main challenge is dealing with your expectations of each other. You want them to forget everyone else and focus on your needs and they want you to go out a bit more, be social and forget about your work. 62% compatible

Anuradha and Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra: Although you have different priorities in life, together you make something beautiful. Uttara Phalguni returns your love so completely that you feel fulfilled. They support your dreams and ambitions. Although they may not be talkative and demonstrative, you are confident in their love. 80% compatible

Anuradha and Hasta Nakshatra: Hasta is a good partner for you - attractive, sophisticated but also very emotional and intuitive. Both of you are practical and ambitious. Your unconditional love helps Hasta overcome their insecurities and they love you back in return. You can become their anchor. 72% compatible

Anuradha and Chitra Nakshatra: This relationship is tough, challenging and frustrating. Chitra may appear glamourous and different to start with but their habit of challenging you at every step and fighting to establish their every point becomes very troublesome. You usually do not give up easily but with Chitra the lessons are complex. 23% compatible

Anuradha and Swati Nakshatra: Swati are pragmatists; they are never able to become what you desire and love you in the way you want. You should not expect all your fantasies to become reality in this relationship. Love Swati for what they are, this is something you do very well and they will work hard to make you happy. 58% compatible

Anuradha and Vishakha Nakshatra: This is the meeting of two opposing forces; you are cautious and Vishakha is expansive. Together you can make a splendid partnership. Love should not put barriers in life, never think your love gives you the right to dictate what your partner wants. It should be free and giving, then Vishakha will love you even more. 59% compatible

Anuradha and Anuradha Nakshatra: Both of you want the same things: solid, successful lives for the world to see, and emotional, spiritual and idealistic love to complete the inner you. Who better to understand than another Anuradha? No words are necessary - when you meet they know what you desire. Sex is wonderful, and the love divine. Great. 77% compatible

Anuradha and Jyeshta Nakshatra: Sexy, passionate, sensual, Jyeshta are your best partner. They fulfil all your desires for love and emotional satisfaction. Although Jyeshta usually do not have time for emotions, with you they can be patient and loving. You find your ideal. Love is divine and flourishes under mutual nourishment. 86% compatible

Anuradha and Mula Nakshatra: Mula can destroy your illusions. You think they offer true love, but they are unable to fulfil your desires. Are you reading too much into a light-hearted flirtation? They are also your worst sexual relationship and they can be very aggressive towards you. They can dump their anger on you and make you extremely unhappy. 41% compatible

Anuradha and Purva Ashadha Nakshatra: You all for their charm, creativity and their ability to enjoy life and be unconventional. But you may be falling for an image. Be realistic and develop a friendship first. They may never be what you want to be. They need to be free and while they may love you for a while, long-term commitment is not their scene. 36% compatible

Anuradha and Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra: You know you love Uttara Ashadha more than they do you. But you sense their loneliness and you understand their need for love and emotional security. You wish they could be more demonstrative. You aspire to their spiritual wisdom and their ability to be there for you even when the going gets tough. 64% compatible

Anuradha and Shravana Nakshatra: You love the lunar radiance of Shravana. You endeavour to find realization through them. Shravana is usually happy to respond. You meld on spiritual, emotional and physical levels. Shravana feed your love and they will care for you. You trust them with your deepest thoughts and they try not to let you down. 72% compatible

Anuradha and Dhanishta Nakshatra: Dhanishta represents your spiritual longings as this Nakshatra is connected to Krishna. You can fall in musth with them, a state of divine ecstasy where you do not think about reality. You start living in an imaginary world. Dhanishta may not be able to deal with your needs sensitively - you can get hurt, and your illusions shattered. 32% compatible

Anuradha and Shatabhisha Nakshatra: Shatabhishak can be elusive, never there when you want them, making promises that they are not always able to keep and keeping secrets. You have to encourage them to talk about love and feelings as you try to cross the hard barriers they have put in front of their heart. Love them and cherish them but be realistic. 61% compatible

Anuradha and Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra: You fall for the generous and warm Purva Bhadrapada. They are very different from you, confident and strong. They allow you to be in charge of the relationship. Sometimes it can weigh too heavily in favour of Purva Bhadra, or so your friends tell you. But you remain happy as long as you know they love you. 66% compatible

Anuradha and Uttara Bhadrapada nakshatra: Both of you hide your emotional needs behind a make of practicality. The ruling planet Saturn gives you both the ability to bear the pain. Do not just accept the difficulties, work to improve them. While Uttara Bhadra will move or live alone if the relationship does not work, you find it hard to give up on their love. 47% compatible

Anuradha and Revati Nakshatra: Revati makes you feel whole again. You no longer have to live your life in polarities. They are the divine love you were seeking and they want to be as much part of you as you want to be part of them. Together you can live in a cocoon of love and happiness. You can be their support while they are your vision of true love. 72% compatible

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