🛕🧏Mrigashirsha💑💑 Nakshatra🍂

Mrigasira and Ashwini Nakshatra: You are both strong personalities. You love Ashwini's adventurous nature, their free spirit, and unconventional view on love and relationships. Ashwini will always keep you on the edge, so you do not have time to be bored with them. Do not be too possessive: Ashwini hates complications and tends to walk away. 61% compatible

Mrigasira and Bharani Nakshatra: You find the Bharani's magnetism irresistible. Instant attraction, hot and fiery passion can propel you into an affair. You will thrill at their need to possess you, your mind, body and soul. But Bharani is not always interested in intellectual debates, hate analysing and working on the relationship and their dedication to sensuality is off-putting. 43% compatible

Mrigasira and Krittika Nakshatra: You enjoy arguing, debating every aspect of life. Krittika is able to match your every argument and pitting your wits against them will be an exhilarating experience. They will be good friends and lovers. Your jealousy can make them feel insecure. They can take your need to analyse them as personal criticism. 54% compatible

Mrigasira and Rohini Nakshatra: Good friendship and exciting sex. You will want to be the strong one, but it is Rohini who calls the shots in the bedroom. With Rohini, you learn to appreciate sensuality and passion. Rohini's quiet wisdom will not be deterred by your intellectualism. They represent the perfection you seek in relationships. 77% compatible

Mrigasira and Mrigasira Nakshatra: Loving other Mrigasira can be both stimulating and annoying. You appreciate their minds, the habit of debating every topic and clever sense of humour. You enjoy the same things in life and have fun. Your inability to make up your minds may see no decisions being taken in the Mrigasira household. 64% compatible

Mrigasira and Ardra Nakshatra: Both of you have equally bright minds that excite and thrill the other. Ardra loves analysing. In fact, Ardra in one of the few Nakshatras that do not take offence at your need for analysing relationships. The great compatibility suggests that this relationship will be exciting and fulfilling. 78% compatible

Mrigasira and Punarvasu Nakshatra: You find their knowledge and wisdom sexy. There is hardly ever a time to get bored as you get involved in lively debates and intellectual discussions. You can be great friends. Both of you are sensuous and tactile, but you will need to teach Punarvasu that commitment and love go together. 67% compatible

Mrigasira and Pushya Nakshatra: You always think of Pushya as your conscience or someone who is forcing you to confront yourself. This never makes you comfortable with them. You feel a sense of frustration when loving Pushya. You have to learn to appreciate their qualities and encourage them to be open about their feelings. 41% compatible

Mrigasira and Ashlesha Nakshatra: You can be deceptive, keep secrets and give false images to each other. This can make your relationship very exciting but also gives you many lows. The impulsiveness of your ruler Mars can make you behave childishly and Ashlesha can be extremely cynical. Lack of trust and insecurity can stop you from finding true happiness. 47% compatible

Mrigasira and Magha Nakshatra: You find it difficult to be casual in relationships. Magha is ready to give physical commitment but remains sexually uncommitted. You are private about your sexuality. Be open with Magha about sex: they need sex and want a partner who is not shy about it. Sexual jealousy can be a problem in this partnership. 57% compatible

Mrigasira and Purva Phalguni Nakshatra: This is a Mars and Venus combination. The attraction is usually instant. You love the social, fun-loving Purva Phalguni and their practical and hard-working approach to life. But Purva Phalguni can pay more attention to their family and spend less time on you. You can feel ignored and unloved. 46% compatible

Mrigasira and Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra: You are attracted to Uttara Phalguni's sunny warmth. You enjoy their devotion and thrill at their strong sexuality. You admire their ambitions and feel happy with their support for yours. This is not a relationship where you can get bored. Your ready wit keeps them amused; their loyalty keeps you by their side. 73% compatible

Mrigasira and Hasta Nakshatra: You love the sophistication and charm of Hasta. You are delighted by their earthiness. Hasta opens up to you in a way they have never before. You are not fazed by their moodiness. In fact, you support them and make them feel confident. They care for you and love you. You find happiness and your doubts go away. 82% compatible

Mrigasira and Chitra Nakshatra: Chitra are too similar and will be very competitive. They are not into commitment and you feel insecure and jealous. You will try to analyse why your relationship with Chitra isn't working well when you have so much in common. Chitra will not take kindly to being analysed and this can create further distance. 37% compatible

Mrigasira and Swati Nakshatra: Swati have a way with words: they can stimulate you with their intelligent discussions but also charm you into going out with them. They will also be very direct about sex and sensuality. Your inability to decide usually irritates Swati. Talk to them or you will develop a distance that can be difficult to bridge. 50% compatible

Mrigasira and Vishakha Nakshatra: You can be great friends but not such good lovers. The moment you make the commitment, your expectations change. As you want to get the best out of the relationship so you try to analyse how you can improve it. Vishakha can view this as nagging. If you settle for a compromise relationship, you may feel very restless. 50% compatible

Mrigasira and Anuradha Nakshatra: You are attracted to the cool, successful and practical Anuradha but find a romantic, sensitive soul within. You try to analyse their need for romance. This makes Anuradha very uncomfortable and they tend to put up the shutters. Then you wonder why they are cold and unresponsive. Try to respect their romanticism. 47% compatible

Mrigasira and Jyeshta Nakshatra: You distrust the mystical side of Jyeshta and your criticisms can make Jyeshta feel threatened. Although you enjoy their mind games, when they get too intense Jyeshta can suddenly change the rules, making you feel cheated. This is an exciting relationship but can have too many ups and downs to be completely happy. 53% compatible

Mrigasira and Mula Nakshatra: Mula never wants to talk about your issues. The more you analyse the reasons for your compatibility, the more Mula can direct their anger towards you. There is no point feeling upset when you are not willing to see the relationship from their point of view. Accept them as they are, then you can be happier. 51% compatible

Mrigasira and Purva Ashadha Nakshatra: Instant passion but the fires burn out quickly. The baggage of the spent passion is powerful: it stops you from constructing something else. Whatever compromise you finally reach in this partnership, the memory of the early days remains a potent reminder. The more you try to capture it, the more elusive it becomes. 40% compatible

Mrigasira and Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra: Your worst sexual relationship. You need to use your analytical skill to work with the issues. Make friends with Uttara Ashadha before you even think about exploring your sexuality. Then develop trust between the two of you. Do not make sexuality your main anchor for the relationship. Finally, talk about your inner feelings. 55% compatible

Mrigasira and Shravana Nakshatra: You find Shravana alternating between hot and cold. You can never pin down their true personality. When you try to analyse their personality, they take offence. Make Shravana understand that it is part of your nature to analyse and that you are not trying to put them down. You should never underestimate the Shravana sensitivity. 39% compatible

Mrigasira and Dhanishta Nakshatra: You will be competitive and aggressive and your relationship can soon become a war zone. This partnership is also spiritually complex. Dhanishta can disrupt your emotions. The constant fighting can psychologically burn you out. Their inability to understand and adjust to your demands causes you immense frustration. 35% compatible

Mrigasira and Shatabhisha Nakshatra: You do not always warm to Shatabhishak immediately. They are too inhibited, secretive and do not address their issues. Their way of thinking frustrates you as well as excites you. An unlikely relationship develops that defies conventions. Try not to be too possessive and encourage them to open up their inner world. 65% compatible

Mrigasira and Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra: Both of you use your intellect as a weapon but never against each other: you are too good friends ever to do so. Purva Bhadra may be cool in the way they show their affections in public; in private they will be uninhibited lovers. They are generous and caring. 69% compatible

Mrigasira and Uttara Bhadrapada nakshatra: Uttara Bhadra can be too spiritual and ascetic for you. Uttara Bhadra is naturally diffident. If you need fun and excitement, you must provide it for both of you. They will be happy to follow you and be adventurous. You can feel restricted by them but they usually act with the best intentions. 49% compatible

Mrigasira and Revati Nakshatra: Revati is so strong in their idealistic beliefs, you feel drawn to them. You want to be protective and loving towards them. You also enjoy discussing why your relationship survives despite the fact that both of you have disagreed on most things. They are never squeamish in facing the truth and you admire and love them equally. 74% compatible