🛕🧏Purva-Bhadrapada💑💑 Nakshatra🍂

Poorva Bhadrapada and Ashwini Nakshatra: Both of you can be selfish and independent, and no one is there to be at home to make it cosy and comfortable. It is better to introduce them to your dominant side early on or Ashwini will think you are a dreamer and pliable to their every wish. They can be unpleasantly surprised when they meet the roaring lion. 42% compatible

Poorva Bhadrapada and Bharani Nakshatra: The lion and the elephant: who will be the king of the jungle? Bharani is your worst sexual partner but then to be compatible in other areas. Allow them to be strong while retaining your own power. Respect them and they will reciprocate. In other areas of life also establish a democracy, not a dictatorship. 62% compatible

Poorva Bhadrapada and Krittika Nakshatra: Krittika is shy and quiet, being unable to express their need for love. You will naturally like Krittika, you can even advise them on how to make the most of their life. But moving from adviser to lover is a difficult step. Your relationship can be good but suffers from selfishness and the inability to talk about love. 54% compatible

Poorva Bhadrapada and Rohini Nakshatra: You click with the romantic Rohini, you love the way they make you feel special and focus their entire emotional attention on you. Their possessiveness can make you feel claustrophobic. You should warn them that if they impose too many conditions, you might leave. Remember to love Rohini and they will compromise on the rest. 60% compatible

Poorva Bhadrapada and Mrigashirsha Nakshatra: Mrigasira looks up to you, ask your advice, look upon you as a friend and a mentor. They will also love you passionately and completely. You know your relationship is in good hands. If you need their support for any of your causes, they will give their unquestioning support, emotionally and intellectually. 69% compatible

Poorva Bhadrapada and Ardra Nakshatra: You find them intellectually stimulating and you enjoy their company. But Ardra can hide part of the truth. As long as you remain unaware, your Ardra lover can do no wrong. But once you get to know, you find it hard to forgive and can be detached and cool. You can treat your Ardra lover casually. Watch out for negativity. 48% compatible

Poorva Bhadrapada and Punarvasu Nakshatra: Punarvasu is always on the move, never in one place to appreciate what you have together. They share your temperament but not much else. They usually are unable to take charge of your relationship and you do not bother as well. So this makes for a good affair. In the long-term, this relationship can die of neglect. 41% compatible

Poorva Bhadrapada and Pushya Nakshatra: They will cosset, love and care for you. They will work hard to make the relationship a happy one, establish a happy home life for you to saunter in whenever you choose to. They will not ask too many questions. When you want their support they will be there for you. In this relationship, you are the taker and Pushya the giver. 60% compatible

Poorva Bhadrapada and Ashlesha Nakshatra: You find Ashlesha sexy, vibrant and stimulating. You fall for them and feel you are finding a beautiful soul there. But they remain inwardly detached even if they pretend to be exploring the mystery of your attractions together. You feel extremely let down once you realise the pretence. Ashlesha can hurt you. 39% compatible

Poorva Bhadrapada and Magha Nakshatra: Magha is connected to the royal star Regulus. You can idolise Magha too much. You are sure to be disappointed as Magha, despite their grand presence, are the rat, the smallest animal in the Nakshatras. They cannot stand against the might of the lion. Magha appears grand and powerful, but the real power rests with you. 47% compatible

Poorva Bhadrapada and Purva Phalguni Nakshatra: Purva Phalguni are creative, interesting and sophisticated. They enjoy life but they are also committed to having a home and family, something you desire. They are happy to take charge of domestic affairs and do so magnificently. You will invest a lot of energy in caring for them in return. 64% compatible

Poorva Bhadrapada and Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra: You are drawn to the warmth of Uttara Phalguni, but when you get to know them better you find them stubborn and inflexible. They can become very dissatisfied, being pessimistic about the prospects for your relationship. They can also try to be too controlling. When you show your power, the problems begin. 39% compatible

Poorva Bhadrapada and Hasta Nakshatra: You fall for the image they present and you feel quite let down when you find the reality different from your expectations. Hasta tries very hard to please you but once you decide that they are not up to your standard, you don't wait around. Hasta will keep on investing in the relationship. Give them another chance. 38% compatible

Poorva Bhadrapada and Chitra Nakshatra: Planet Jupiter and Mars, the Nakshatra rulers, are good friends but it is not enough. Chitra wants excitement and fun all the time whereas you may want quiet periods as well. They do not bother about the daily grind of domesticity. You can feel unloved and unappreciated by them. A good love affair but not always for the long term. 45% compatible

Poorva Bhadrapada and Swati Nakshatra: You are not always sure of Swati but they make lots of effort to woo you and make you happy. They are great at managing your relationship. They will stand up to you when you know you are being unfair. But they are supportive of your causes, giving you lots of ideas on how to fight them. Be appreciative often. 60% compatible

Poorva Bhadrapada and Vishakha Nakshatra: Vishakha seduce you successfully and you find them potent and exciting. Their restlessness makes you unsettled. You step back. Both of you appear to need your independence too much and love suffers as a result. Learn to spend quality time together and use the wisdom provided by your ruling planet Jupiter to resolve your differences. 49% compatible

Poorva Bhadrapada and Anuradha Nakshatra: Workaholic and practical Anuradha are surprisingly romantic at heart. You love these contradictions. When they make you the focus of their love, you know you have their full attention. You love them back as well. They are supportive and understanding. Remember to appreciate them and their love. 66% compatible

Poorva Bhadrapada and Jyeshta Nakshatra: Your worst relationship. Tread carefully. You are too charmed by the illusion of Jyeshta. They appear to love you, become very serious and then they suddenly dump you. You can feel very hurt, enraged and destructive when you meet the real Jyeshta. You may not like your behaviour afterwards but you just cannot help it. 26% compatible

Poorva Bhadrapada and Mula Nakshatra: Purva Bhadra's ruler Jupiter is the guru or teacher, while Mula's ruler Ketu has collective wisdom from the past life. Mula Sagittarius can get along with you better in most cases. They can reject whatever you have to offer. You usually withdraw, unsure how to deal with them. Learn to be more tolerant of your differences. 41% compatible

Poorva Bhadrapada and Purva Ashadha Nakshatra: You can be detached from others, but with Purva Ashadha you make a special effort to make them love you. They represent so much of what you want in a partner that you tolerate their careless attitude. You support them through their difficult times. They start to love you back and make you feel special. 66% compatible

Poorva Bhadrapada and Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra: You can see how troubled they are by their inability to love properly. While you do not always try very hard with relationships, with your friend Uttara Ashadha you make a special effort to love them and make them feel secure, and slowly they warm towards you. They love you, are loyal to you and support you. 66% compatible

Poorva Bhadrapada and Shravana Nakshatra: A relationship between the emotional and the idealist. You want to fulfil the dreams of Shravana and make them feel secure so that they can love you properly. You recognise their emotional struggles and endeavour to support them. Both of your philosophies on love coincide. You don't even mind their possessiveness. 66% compatible

Poorva Bhadrapada and Dhanishta Nakshatra: Dhanishta is your ideal sexual partner. They believe in equality and if you try to impose your superiority, they will not tolerate it. This is the war of the sexes as old as rime itself, it does not matter which Nakshatra is male or female. Usually, Dhanishta can control your relationship; they let you think you are in charge. 58% compatible

Poorva Bhadrapada and Shatabhisha Nakshatra: You can never trust Shatabhishak fully. Even when you try to be positive, your instinct advises caution. You remain detached, exploring a relationship with them without making a commitment. You may enjoy a dalliance, but a long-term relationship only works if they pay more attention and open up emotionally. 51% compatible

Poorva Bhadrapada and Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra: You are very similar, both dreamers and idealists. If both of you want to be king, who is going to do the mundane work? Also, be careful with your finances. You are both unwise investors and extravagant spenders. Your understanding of each other usually keeps you together and generally happy. 68% compatible

Poorva Bhadrapada and Uttara Bhadrapada nakshatra: You are idealistic, Uttara Bhadra are practical. They keep this relationship strong and thriving. They will love you sensibly. As with the other Saturn Nakshatras, the scales are weighed slightly in your favour. Uttara Bhadra doesn't complain so why should you. This is a specially blessed relationship. Be happy. 76% compatible

Poorva Bhadrapada and Revati Nakshatra: Revati is your worst sexual partner but with good overall compatibility. You can establish a satisfactory relationship with them because you believe in dividing responsibilities. Related are in charge of the relationship and you bow to their demands there. Revati knows how to use charm on you. Sexually you compromise. 68% compatible

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