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Vishakha and Ashwini Nakshatra: At first Ashwini appear to fulfil your needs. Ashwini is seeking adventure in the outer world, you are in the inner world. You admire Ashwini yet you come to feel they are ignoring your needs. This starts creating rifts. Work hard to keep loving each other or you will make Ashwini very insecure and they will make you feel unloved. 55% compatible

Vishakha and Bharani Nakshatra: A great affair. Sensuous and passionate Bharani can hypnotise you into their love. But their stubbornness and inability to understand your deeper needs are what drives you apart. You want different things from life. Unless you can agree to disagree and love unconditionally, harmony will be hard to find. 50% compatible

Vishakha and Krittika Nakshatra: This is spiritually challenging for you. Emotionally very stressful, this relationship needs deep understanding and unselfish love to keep it going. You need to recognise your vulnerabilities and care for each other. Fighting and discord will create greater havoc than this average compatibility suggests. 51% compatible

Vishakha and Rohini Nakshatra: Rohini has no understanding of your spiritual needs. You enjoy the romance, but love and commitment are not for you. You find their type of emotional possessiveness very annoying. If you ignore them and they amuse themselves elsewhere, you can find it difficult to forgive. Not a relationship to explore in-depth. 30% compatible

Vishakha and Mrigashirsha Nakshatra: An average relationship that usually lacks that special spark. Both of you can compromise too much. Mrigasira's perpetual analysis of your life restricts you. If you work at the emotional and instinctive connection you feel, you can make this relationship a lot better. If not, you can get stuck in a routine relationship with little happiness. 50% compatible

Vishakha and Ardra Nakshatra: Both of you feel a sense of dissatisfaction regardless of the true circumstances. By understanding that your soul needs to overcome discontent from within and not blame others, especially your partners, you will remove the added burden from your relationship. Learn to appreciate your Ardra partner more. 46% compatible

Vishakha and Punarvasu Nakshatra: Both of you are on a journey to seek your true identity, standing at a junction where you can choose any direction. If you share your spiritual travels, choose similar paths, you can find love along the way. If you go separate ways, then you forget to care about Punarvasu's issues and emotionally disconnect as well. 51% compatible

Vishakha and Pushya Nakshatra: Pushya can be too restrictive and cool. You do not find them sexy to start with but then you discover their hidden passions. You have to let them know of your need for freedom. They will compromise as long as they are confident of your love. Your restlessness can make them feel insecure. 54% compatible

Vishakha and Ashlesha Nakshatra: The tiger Vishakha is far stronger than the cat Ashlesha. As your animal signs are both from the cat family, there is an uncomfortable relationship between you. Ashlesha tries to wage, usually losing, batters (strikes repeatedly) to establish their superiority over you. Your relationship can get involved in unnecessary fights and power play. 41% compatible

Vishakha and Magha Nakshatra: You want to be Magha's lover but you cannot help wanting to teach them how to make the best of themselves. Magha can reject you and what you have to offer. You do not trust them enough to express your true feelings. Love them and they will be yours. Sexually, both of you have to try to be faithful. 54% compatible

Vishakha and Purva Phalguni Nakshatra: Purva Phalguni are stylish and elegant, and along with it they are perfectionist and creative as well. You warm to them immensely and can fall in love easily. Sexually, you have to work hard to find compatibility. They like sex too much but when you try to introduce them to your brand of sensuality they can feel intimidated. Their endless socialising can be a bore. 55% compatible

Vishakha and Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra: The Nakshatra rulers for both of you, Sun and Jupiter, have a good planetary relationship but you cannot always translate it into a great personal one. Your inimical sexuality poses the greatest problem. Use your friendship to work through the difficulties and you may reach a level of contentment. 50% compatible

Vishakha and Hasta Nakshatra: Hasta needs someone to guide them. You try to calm Hasta emotionally and teach them how to deal with their earthy nature. Both of you can mistake this teacher-pupil relationship for love. Hasta feels unsettled by your inability to love them more, but you may not find them sexy. This love needs time and effort. 53% compatible

Vishakha and Chitra Nakshatra: They are exciting, sexy and passionate. After compromising on your sexual happiness for so long, you find a partner who can match your desires. Chitra calm your restlessness and you are ready to give up your prized freedom. Both your emotional histories make you vulnerable. Share your thoughts and work to build a strong relationship. 74% compatible

Vishakha and Swati Nakshatra: You are never sure what to make of Swati. You explore emotions and love. You are attracted to their mental agility and their knowledge but you are also wary of them. They can be secretive and manipulative. Sexually this relationship is a compromise and Swati Nakshatra partner may lack the sexual finesse you want in your lovers. 40% compatible

Vishakha and Vishakha Nakshatra: You share a common love of knowledge, you complement each other intellectually and are united by your search for answers. Fear of change can make you both accept less than perfect situations and compromise, not with each other, but with other things like your job or home, and this creates disturbances in your relationships as well. 60% compatible

Vishakha and Anuradha Nakshatra: When you meet the inspirational and spiritual Anuradha, they light a spark within you with their ability to love you and support you unconditionally. At times, you may find their love claustrophobic and their neediness too much. But they usually calm your restlessness. You counteract each other's negativity. 59% compatible

Vishakha and Jyeshta Nakshatra: With Jyeshta, you feel you are at the gates of heaven. Their sensuous approach to life touches you. Their deep knowledge of the mysteries of life helps you to understand your inner anxiety a bit better. They also teach you to embrace happiness. They help you to break the bonds of tradition and aspire towards ecstasy. 72% compatible

Vishakha and Mula Nakshatra: You find Mula to be stimulating and exciting companions. They have learnt not to compromise with life. Your relationship develops deeply because Mula can understand your spiritual quest. They can introduce you to a world where philosophy, knowledge, and the study of higher truth are important. Both of you gain a lot. 66% compatible

Vishakha and Purva Ashadha Nakshatra: Purva Ashadha's sensuality attracts you. Getting entangled in a purely sensual relationship blocks you from following your spiritual path. This creates a restlessness within you that is hard to calm. The relationship can die due to a lack of attention from both of you. You must also try to be a lover to them, not just their mentor. 38% compatible

Vishakha and Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra: Uttara Ashadha needs constant reassurance. You are perpetually satisfying their emotional needs. You may do so willingly at the start of your relationship but your inner restlessness means that you are soon searching for more. They want to live their life one way and you another; both of you are unwilling to compromise. 32% compatible

Vishakha and Shravana Nakshatra: Shravana is too emotional, fickle and possessive. You cannot be bothered with their emotional agenda. You may have a short fling with them but tend to shy away from longterm commitment. They tend to aggravate your discontentment and make you feel even more unsettled. Instead of trying to be there for them, you do the opposite. 36% compatible

Vishakha and Dhanishta Nakshatra: Dhanishta has a strong personality and will not give in to your demands. They want your full attention but do not get fazed by your independence. They love you through your difficult periods and care for your inner battles. A sensually satisfying relationship, as long as you accept Dhanishta's occasional selfishness. 70% compatible

Vishakha and Shatabhisha Nakshatra: Shatabhishak are elusive like a shadow and they cast a spell over you. Your fascination with them can turn into love. You like their intelligence and you can understand their fears. You try not to demand what they cannot give. They learn to love you and you reciprocate. You both have something special and work to keep it that way. 70% compatible

Vishakha and Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra: Purva Bhadrapada is very similar to you as they too are ruled by Jupiter. You find it difficult to be focused on one person, one relationship. You need something more. This creates a barrier between you. You are willing to help their causes, but you have your own life to live. Don't always think of your own agenda. 49% compatible

Vishakha and Uttara Bhadrapada nakshatra: Your worst sexual relationship. While Uttara Bhadrapada can understand your spiritual needs, they cannot satisfy your sexual ones. You may feel deeply frustrated by the control Uttara Bhadra exercise on their sexuality. They appear cold and frigid and you struggle with the barriers they erect around their emotions. 41% compatible

Vishakha and Revati Nakshatra: Your worst relationship. Revati can go from being charming to critical in a short time. You do not know how to relate to them and nothing you do seems to please them. They are also very strong and stubborn. You can act contrary to your true nature with them. They aggravate your restlessness and you may seek others to love. 18% compatible

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