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Buddh Stotra-बुद्ध स्तोत्र



Who has to chant Buddh Stotra The persons suffering from malefic effects of Buddh, evil effects of system, having less communication skill, or become failure to convince with facts to others must chant Buddh Stotra. For a proper guideline please contact

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Buddh Stotra/बुध स्तोत्र पीताम्बर: पीतवपुः किरीटश्र्वतुर्भजो देवदु: खपहर्ता। धर्मस्य धृक् सोमसुत: सदा मे सिंहाधिरुढो वरदो बुधश्र्व ।।1।। प्रियंगुकनकश्यामं रुपेणाप्रतिमं बुधम्। सौम्यं सौम्य गुणोपेतं नमामि शशिनंदनम ।।2।। सोमसूनुर्बुधश्चैव सौम्य: सौम्यगुणान्वित:। सदा शान्त: सदा क्षेमो नमामि शशिनन्दनम् ।।3।। उत्पातरूप: जगतां चन्द्रपुत्रो महाधुति:। सूर्यप्रियकारी विद्वान् पीडां हरतु मे बुध: ।।4।। शिरीष पुष्पसडंकाश: कपिशीलो युवा पुन:। सोमपुत्रो बुधश्र्वैव सदा शान्ति प्रयच्छतु ।।5।। श्याम: शिरालश्र्व कलाविधिज्ञ: कौतूहली कोमलवाग्विलासी । रजोधिकोमध्यमरूपधृक्स्यादाताम्रनेत्रीद्विजराजपुत्र: ।।6।। अहो चन्द्र्सुत श्रीमन् मागधर्मासमुद्रव:। अत्रिगोत्रश्र्वतुर्बाहु: खड्गखेटक धारक: ।।7।। गदाधरो न्रसिंहस्थ: स्वर्णनाभसमन्वित:। केतकीद्रुमपत्राभ इंद्रविष्णुपूजित: ।।8।। ज्ञेयो बुध: पण्डितश्र्व रोहिणेयश्र्व सोमज:। कुमारो राजपुत्रश्र्व शैशेव: शशिनन्दन: ।।9।। गुरुपुत्रश्र्व तारेयो विबुधो बोधनस्तथा। सौम्य: सौम्यगुणोपेतो रत्नदानफलप्रद: ।।10।। एतानि बुध नमामि प्रात: काले पठेन्नर:। बुद्धिर्विव्रद्वितांयाति बुधपीड़ा न जायते ।।11।।



Benefits of Chanting Buddh Stotra Chanting of Buddh Stotra with pure heart will calm down negative effects of planet Buddh, keep evil away from your life and improve health and wealth. It has been observed that chanting Buddh Stotra regularly helps improve intellect, communications skills, and even builds strong relationships. Buddh Stotra also has a positive effect on our health as it helps us maintain blood sugar and pressure levels. Buddh Stotra gives us peace of mind and keeps away the evil. Even students who are worried about their results and lack of concentration can chant the Buddh Stotra as it builds your ability to focus.

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