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Brihaspati-बृहस्पति स्तोत्रम्



Who Has to chant Brihaspati Stotram The persons not getting success in their lives, barred of fortune and leading a disgrace life should chant Brihaspati Stotram for instant relief. For a proper guideline please contact

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Brihaspati Stotra/ब्रहस्पति स्तोत्र क्रौं शक्रादि देवै: परिपूजितोसि त्वं जीवभूतो जगतो हिताय। ददाति यो निर्मलशास्त्रबुद्धिं स वाक्पतिर्मे वितनोतु लक्ष्मीम्।।1।। पीताम्बर: पीतवपु: किरीटश्र्वतुर्भजो देव गुरु: प्रशांत:। दधाति दण्डं च कमण्डलुं च तथाक्षसूत्रं वरदोस्तुमहम्।।2।। ब्रहस्पति: सुराचार्योदयावानछुभलक्षण:। लोकत्रयगुरु: श्रीमान्सर्वज्ञ: सर्वतो विभु:।।3।। सर्वेश: सर्वदा तुष्ठ: श्रेयस्क्रत्सर्वपूजित:। अकोधनो मुनिश्रेष्ठो नितिकर्ता महाबल:।।4।। विश्र्वात्मा विश्र्वकर्ता च विश्र्वयोनिरयोनिज:। भूर्भुवो धनदाता च भर्ता जीवो जगत्पति:।।5।। पंचविंशतिनामानि पुण्यानि शुभदानि च। नन्दगोपालपुत्राय भगवत्कीर्तितानि च।।6।। प्रातरुत्थाय यो नित्यं कीर्तयेत्तु समाहितः। विप्रस्तस्यापि भगवान् प्रीत: स च न संशय:।।7।। तंत्रान्तरेपि नम: सुरेन्द्रवन्धाय देवाचार्याय ते नम:। नमस्त्त्वनन्तसामर्थ्य वेदसिद्वान्तपारग।।8।। सदानन्द नमस्तेस्तु नम: पीड़ाहराय च। नमो वाचस्पते तुभ्यं नमस्ते पीतवाससे।।9।। नमोऽद्वितियरूपाय लम्बकूर्चाय ते नम:। नम: प्रहष्टनेत्राय विप्राणां पतये नम:।।10।। नमो भार्गवशिष्याय विपन्नहितकारक। नमस्ते सुरसैन्याय विपन्नत्राणहेतवे।।11।। विषमस्थस्तथा न्रणां सर्वकष्टप्रणाशमन्। प्रत्यहं तु पठेधो वै तस्यकामफलप्रदम्।।12।।



Benefits of chanting Brihaspati Stotram Lord Brihaspati or Jupiter is the preceptor of the gods. He is the biggest planet in the solar system by size and also influence. The influence of this planet in the horoscopes of all people is profound. Chanting the Lord Brihaspati Stotram can help attain the desires of the person and attain happiness and success in every front of life. Chanting the Brihaspati Stotram can alleviate fears and instil confidence in the hearts of the devotees. All confusions are solved and a great clarity of thought is achieved. Peace and prosperity walk into the homes and lives of the person chanting these mantras. Delayed marriages are avoided and the bride or groom gets the best match in their lives. Students can shine in studies by getting good marks and being able to clear the competitive exams with ease. Delays of all sorts are avoided and success comes to people naturally by chanting the chosen Brihaspati Stotram. The auspicious effects of the position of Brihaspati Stotram in horoscope are enhanced and the negative effects of malefic Guru are offset by this chanting. Guru Grah is responsible for luck and fortune. Brihaspati Stotram will help you get fame, wealth and success in studies and profession. Brihaspati Stotram will also give you relief from any skin or nervous problems. Brihaspati Stotram will help you make guru Grah happy. A favourable guru Grah will help you attain happiness, financial well being, good social status, promotions and good health

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