The Fifth House is commonly referred to as the House of Pleasure. Oftentimes, pleasure is the result of a creative act. The simple act of creating is, essentially, giving of oneself and making something — making another? Yes, the Fifth House does speak to procreation and children, but it also addresses the creation of art and culture. The creative life is one from which we can derive much personal pleasure and self-satisfaction. Do I like this? Does it make me feel good? Does it bring me pleasure? The answers therein are the domain of the Fifth House. Taking this pleasure principle a step further, one can give it a more human face, even two faces. Romance and romantic affairs, both emotional pleasures, are within the realm of the Fifth House. Emotional satisfaction can be gained in many ways, and yet another way addressed by this House is gambling. While this implies a financial risk, it can also be viewed as the willingness to take a risk — on love, with money or in life. A gut risk in the hopes of a pleasurable outcome is how the Fifth House sees it. This House is actually quite rich with pleasures since it also lords over fun, games and hobbies. Life is more than just being or doing, it also includes finding –finding the pleasure in the acts in which we engage.

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5th Astrological House

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The fifth House refers to children, creativity, and the pursuit of pleasure. This includes personal interests, love affairs, sports, hobbies, speculation, risk-taking, teaching, drama, creative self-expression, love given, gambling. The 5th house is all about you being yourself and enjoying it. Romance, dating, love affairs, and sexual relationships are ruled by this 5th house, yet marriage is assigned to the 7th. Why? Because, until very recently, marriage was not entered into for pleasure, for love, nor for personal fulfillment. Marriage was hardly even entered into by choice, but rather for the purpose of raising kids to preserve the values of a particular culture or religion. And these marriages were most often arranged according to class and financial status, a partnership befitting the 7th house. Nowadays, it's common to marry for love. To avoid confusion, remember: affairs of the heart are in the 5th house, but cooperative partnerships are in the domain of the 7th house..

SUN's House

The Fifth House is known as the House of Pleasure, and is ruled by the sun. Corresponding to outgoing zodiac sign Leo, this house represents everything to do with feeling good. Creativity is a major theme here, as well as artistic creation and fulfillment. The questions asked by the Fifth House are: Does this feel good? Is it pleasurable? If the answer is yes, it likely falls under the Fifth House! Naturally the physical pleasure that comes from romance and romantic relationships. Relationships begin under the Fifth House’s parameters, but it also covers the emotional satisfaction you get from others. Especially if there’s some risk involved. Living on the edge is pleasurable for a lot of people, and risks in love, money or just in general live in this house as well. We’ll find gambling in the Fifth House, too. Finding pleasure in actions is what the Fifth House is all about—whether it’s from games, love, or hobbies. Of all the houses in astrology, this is where the most fun happens!

The 5th house in astrology is one of the dharma houses. Dharma in Hinduism means upholding the responsibilities. The 5th house is the result of your past karmic actions. The good deeds done in the previous births will bear fruits in the present life. However, the rewards are presented at the cost of some responsibility. As the 5th house is related to past births, there will be a huge accumulation of memory. Our brain is a supercomputer. Each and every event or impression will be stored in this supercomputer and these are called experiences. Based on these experiences, intelligence or intuition is developed.

Nothing is higher than dharma. Dharma is implemented for the development of beings. The term ‘dharma’ comes from dharanam, which means - maintenance, sustenance. Therefore, dharma sustains creatures.
--Lord Krishna in Mahabharata

Areas Represented by the 5th House

5th house is one of the dharma trikona houses and very prominent in Vedic astrology. 5th house rules over stored up past karma, intellect, children, pleasure, creativity, learning, mantra vidya, ishta devata (personal deity), love, romance, dating, hobbies, entertainment, speculation, gambling, prizes, luck, legitimate/illegitimate affairs, popularity, fame, art, music, painting, premarital relationships, Intelligence, memory, knowledge, learning, teaching, advisory, writing, music, intuition, tantra, research, skills, betting, lottery

5th House in Vedic Astrology

The 5th house is termed as ‘Purva Punya Sthana’ in Vedic Astrology, that means the fortune from the past births.

The 5th house is one of the dharma houses. Dharma in Hinduism means upholding cosmic law and order, which includes duties, virtues, conduct, laws. Dharma enables one to be striving to do the right thing, be good, be virtuous, earn religious merit, and be helpful to others. Dharma houses are the result of your past karmic actions. The good deeds done in the previous births will bear fruits in the present life. There is a saying - with great power comes great responsibility. You may get power and position because of your good deeds. But it comes at a cost of some responsibilities. You may become a king, but you have responsibilities towards the welfare of your people. You are made a king not to enjoy life but to serve people. When you are not acting upon your responsibilities, you are again falling into the trap of the karmic cycle.

The lords of the dharma triangle (1-5-9) are always friendly planets and complement the ascendant. Generally, they are termed as the most beneficial houses in astrology. Dasa periods of these planets are most favorable to the native. Also, when dharma rulers placed together in a chart creates a strong raja yoga.

Role of the 5th House in Astrology

When we say ‘Purva Punya’, It relates to past life samskaras (values). Samskaras are subtle impressions of past actions. It will correspond with the 5th house of the zodiac sign Leo (Simha), whose lord is Sun. The Sun burns and produces light and heat. It is the basis for producing life on earth. It is the force behind us which gives impetus and motivation. Sun is the natural atmakaraka. There is no death for the soul, only the body perishes once life gets completed. You will get another life form in the next birth. However, sanskaras are accumulated in every birth and attached to the soul. In astrology, the 5th house shows our past life impressions, thereby creating a link to our past. These sum total of values create one’s personal identity. And 5th from 5th house (i.e. 9th house) is the result of past life like luck, prosperity, success, etc. If the 5th house/lord is well-positioned then we can say that there is a smooth transfer from previous birth.

The 5th House Shows Intelligence

Intelligence, intuition all comes under the ambit of the 5th house. As the 5th house is related to past births, there will be a huge accumulation of memory. Our brain is a supercomputer. Each and every event or impression will be stored in this supercomputer and these are called experiences. Based on these experiences, intelligence or intuition is developed. Today we are in a world of artificial intelligence. Based on past data, computers are programmed to act intelligently and work on reasoning, planning, learning, problem-solving through algorithms. This is exactly how the 5th house works. And it depends on which planets influence the most on the 5th house to determine how the native will use his intelligence.

5th House in Astrology Denotes Creativity

The 5th house represents creativity and self-expression. The passion and artistic expression blossoms in this house and helps expand one’s identity. All art forms - music, painting, acting, writing, etc finds an expression in the 5th house. The fulfillment of this creativity happens in the 3rd house (11th to 5th house). The 5th house only gives knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, and willingness to take risks in order to pursue the passion.

5th House Represents Education and Learning

The 5th house is also related to education and learning. This education relates to wisdom and intellect. It represents higher studies with getting expertise in the field of your interest. It includes research and career-oriented studies. We should not make the mistake of equating the 5th house with acquiring mere degree certificates. It is not about obtaining the degree certificates. It is more to do with getting mastery in any particular field.

The 5th House in Astrology Talks About Children

The 5th house also represents everything about children. Possibility of children, conception, miscarriage, the behavior of children, relationship with them, and overall life is seen from the 5th house. Children are again the process of creation. As it is the 11th house (gain) from the 7th house (spouse), children are gained because of the union with the spouse.

Again the 5th house is a part of dharma trikona along with the 9th house. As the 9th house represents father, you will inherit the traits from father. And later you will transfer it to your children through the 5th house. It is your dharma or responsibility to inculcate the samskaras from the father. And again you have a responsibility to transfer this legacy to your children.

5th House is About Pleasures and Fulfilments

The 5th house relates to pleasure and fulfillment. The experience of pleasure is associated with satisfying the needs of the self. Pleasure can be of two types, they are sensory (or bodily pleasure) and higher pleasure. Sensory pleasures are related to the senses and it includes eating, sleeping, playing, observing beauty, music, arts, sexual acts, etc. These all come under the 5th house domain. Higher pleasures like spiritual and intellectual are influenced by the 9th house. Pleasure can be gained from many sources. It depends on which planet is influencing the 5th house. If there is a positive influence of Venus, then pleasure-seeking would be through art, music, dance, painting, etc. If it is Jupiter, then pleasure-seeking would be through wisdom, knowledge, teaching, preaching, etc. If it is Mercury, then it might be writing, talking, learning languages, communication, etc.

5th House in Astrology Indicate Speculations

5th house also represents speculation and investments and overall investment prosperity. It shows your willingness to take risks in financial matters. Speculation covers stocks, shares, commodities, property, casinos, and other similar areas. The 5th house gives intuitive nature and intelligence, which will help in taking quick financial decisions. Gambling and speculation are perceived to be the easiest and quickest way of making wealth with little effort. We know that the 5th and 9th houses are related to past life karmas. When there is a balance of good karma, it will be translated into luck and success. Hence it will help in gaining easy money without much effort. Also, the 5th house is 7th from the 11th house of gains and desires. So there will be a direct impact of the 11th house on the 5th house. However, when there is a problem in the 5th house, the native could lose fortune through speculation. Gambling does not necessarily involve monetary value. It could be done just as fun, pastime, or entertainment. Therefore playing card games, puzzles, dice, racing all are significations of the 5th house.

5th House Signify Mantra and Ishta Devata

The 5th house is also associated with mantras and spiritual initiation. It is also the house of your ishta devata - your personal and favorite deity - who will guide, protect, and take care of you all the time. It also represents yantras. Yantras are mathematical symbols or diagrams. Generally, they are used in worshipping deities and planetary lords and also in tantric acts. When it is energized and worshiped daily, it will create a positive influence around.

Negative Side of the 5th House

On the negative side, it shows a fall from the higher status, as it is the 8th house from the 10th house. The 5th house is related to past life actions. When it is afflicted and its ruler is connected to the 10th house, it can create hurdles in the profession.

Significator (Karaka) for the 5th House

Jupiter is the significator for the 5th House, which provides wisdom and knowledge The significator is like the judge, who approves the case. Therefore, Jupiter in the chart should be checked in order to judge the 5th house.

Body Parts and Diseases Related to the 5th House

Body parts represented by this house are stomach, liver, gallbladder, diaphragm, spinal cord, womb, intestine, backbone. When the fifth house or its lord gets afflicted by conjunction/aspect, it will create disturbance in the areas represented by this house. The possible diseases caused by the 5th house are infection in the intestine, problems in the stomach region, the lower part of the heart, womb, complications in pregnancy, menstrual cycle, expansion of the diaphragm, problems in the stomach region.

The 5th House in Mundane Astrology

In Mundane astrology, the 5th house stands for Educational institutions, education ministry, children, stock exchanges, classrooms, agricultural produce, recording studios, amusement parks, theaters, music halls, racing, betting, public investments, speculators, sporting events, creativity among people, scandals.

Planets in the Fifth House

Planets in the 5th house and placement of its lord show the source of intelligence. Each planet will have its own effect on the fifth house. The problem comes when the conflict of energy happens. When planets with opposing energies come together, it will affect the native. For example, enemy planets like Sun-Saturn, Mercury-Mars, etc can create many problems. These planets placed together in the fifth house usually create many ups and downs in money matters. Also, it is not good to have 6th, 8th, or 12th lords in this house. They can create a lot of hurdles in the areas represented by them.

Remedies for the afflicted 5th House

When the 5th house is afflicted in the horoscope, then there will be problems in the areas associated with the house. The problems can be mitigated to some extent by performing remedial measures. Please refer for more on remedies in astrology.

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