The Seventh House is commonly referred to as the House of Partnership. With this house, we see a shift away from the self toward another — a partner. By cooperating with and relating to another we unite for the purpose of achieving something. Purpose is important to the Seventh House — the act of accomplishing something great or small for the self, the partnership and even society as a whole. In uniting with another, we also become a more valuable member of our world: we make a contribution, one small cog in the wheel of life. We have purpose. Cooperation and partnership help to expedite our purpose in life. Through a partnership, we fill out our essential being. Suddenly, we see ourselves in context. Through a partnership in which we work, play, love and/or create, we are fully formed and completed. The other half helps to make us whole. Ultimately, how we relate to others will help to define the success we have as a human being and as a member of humankind...

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7th Astrological House

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The seventh House is sometimes referred to as the House of marriage, but it encompasses all one-to-one relationships: marriage, business partnerships, contracts, cooperative relationships, and also divorce, separation, quarrels, open enemies, and law suits. The difference between the love affairs of the 5th House and love relationships of the 7th is that the 7th House refers to more permanently binding relationships, whereas the 5th House refers to affairs that may be temporary. When the 5th House affair progresses into a serious relationship, we can say that the relationship has "moved into the 7th House." 7th house relationships are about cooperation and sharing, and they generally serve some functional purpose in the larger social community (i.e. a marriage). This is different from a 5th house love affair, whose only qualification is "butterflies in the stomach." The 7th house includes the way you relate to those closest to you. Planets in this house will influence your manner of relating. They also give clues to issues that arise in your relationships..

VENUS's House

The Seventh House is known as the House of Partnerships and is ruled by loving Venus. Ruled by zodiac sign Libra, this house represents everything to do with relationships and interacting with other people on a one-to-one level. It governs all partnerships, both personal and professional, and all matters linked to those partnerships like contracts, business deals, and more. This house shifts the focus from yourself and instead questions your existence as part of a partnership. By interacting, cooperating, relating and sharing, you learn more. Uniting with others allows you to achieve something greater than you’re able to achieve on your own. The love relationships found here are different from those in the Fifth House because they’re more permanent. (Remember, the Fifth House is all about fun and pleasure, indicating flings and affairs more than marriages and other committed relationships.) Seventh House relationships are about commitment and sharing, and they generally serve a purpose other than just having a good time together. They are long-lasting unions and bonds. The Seventh House also includes platonic intimacy, companionship, separations, divorce, personal/professional enemies and lawsuits.

The 7th house in astrology is called the house of relationship. The 1st house is about your personal identity and the 7th house (opposite to the 1st house) is your identity in a relationship. How much you are willing to accept others and ready to sacrifice for them can be seen here. You will utilize the 7th house to fulfill the desires through a partnership that you cannot otherwise fulfill in the 1st house. The 7th house is also the place where energy balance happens. Every human being possesses both masculine and feminine energies. Typically, men tend to be dominated by masculine energy, and women are dominated by feminine energy. So there will be a natural attraction towards the deficient energy. This is how 7th house relationships grow naturally.

Areas Represented by the 7th House in Astrology

7th house is one of the kama trikona houses and very prominent in Vedic astrology. 7th house rules over Spouse, wife, husband, partnerships, marriage, marital happiness, desires, business partnerships, affairs, passion, 2nd child, infidelity, contracts. kundalini.

Role of the 7th House in Astrology

The 7th house of astrology is called the house of relationship. The 1st house (or ascendant) is about ‘you’ and your personal identity and the 7th house (opposite of the 1st house) is your identity in a relationship. How much you are willing to accept others and ready to sacrifice for them can be seen here. In a way, it is a continuation of the 1st house, where you fulfill desires with the help of ‘others’. It is like things you cannot express in the first house, you do it through the 7th house. For example, you will fulfill your sexual pleasures and a lifelong company through marriage. However, you have to take a lot of responsibilities and make sacrifices as a cost.

7th House in Vedic Astrology

The 7th house is called ‘Kalatra Bhava’ or house of spouse in Vedic Astrology. Libra sign falls in the 7th house in the natural zodiac and Venus is the significator of this house.

The 7th house is one of the ‘Kama’ houses or the house of desires. The desires and goals in the 7th house are more to do with family commitments, expansion of the family, contribution to the progress of the family.

The 3rd house, 7th house, and 11th house together are called ‘kama trikona’ or the triangle of desires. 3rd house is about working with self - putting efforts in achieving personal ambitions. In the 7th house, it is more to do with a relationship with like-minded people to achieve bigger goals, and in the 11th house, effort goes towards social engineering and social causes.

It is one of the Kendra houses (angular houses), where ‘kama’ or desires get dominated. Kendra houses are related to the actions with respect to dharma (1st), artha (10th), kama (7th), and moksha(4th). The 7th house actions are more to do with fulfilling personal goals through alliance.

7th House keyword is balance

Every human being will have both masculine and feminine energies within themselves. Typically, men tend to be dominated by masculine energy, and women are dominated by feminine energy. The balance between the two energies is what makes us whole. Intuitively, everyone seeks to attain a perfect balance of both energies. So there will be a natural attraction towards the deficient energy. A man seeks feminine energy because he lacks feminine energy and a female seeks masculine energy because she lacks it. So this balance happens in the 7th house. This is the reason the symbol for the 7th sign Libra in the natural zodiac is ‘balance’. This is also one of the reasons why Saturn gets exalted in the Libra sign.

When there is an absolute balance in energy, we will start seeking higher realms of life. A yogi or a sadhak will have equilibrium in energies so that he doesn't have to go behind materialistic pleasures. He can focus completely on his sadhana. When there is a natural balance within us, the kundalini awakens.

The 7th House Represents Relationships

The 7th house represents your relationships with other people. There will be a ‘purpose’ and expectation in this relationship. The purpose of the relationship could be to fulfill marital happiness, security, financial stability, sharing of thoughts, status in the society, or any other material fulfillments. You establish a connection with others through the 7th house. It is the house, where there is a ‘give and take’ kind of relationship. It is not a selfish relationship but rather achieving common goals through partnerships. Here, you will achieve your purpose for yourself and your partner. There can also be many sacrifices along the way in this relationship, whether you take in marriage or business partnerships.

Also, you accomplish your goals through this relationship, and at the same time, you help your partner in achieving their goals. But these relationships are bound by agreements, contracts, commitments, or vows. When these commitments are broken - whether in marriage or business, then it can lead to litigations and legal actions.

The 7th House in Astrology Indicate Marriage

Marriage is certainly one important aspect of a relationship. 7th house is traditionally called the house of marriage. Spouse play a very significant role in one’s life. Everything related to marriage/partner can be predicted here, like kind of marriage, spouse details, the character of the spouse, compatibility between the partners, the timing of marriage, or your own identity in a relationship.

Generally, in a relationship also, there should be a balance of masculine and feminine energies. When both partners are dominated by the same type of energies, conflict arises. When both partners carry masculine energy, then it can create a power struggle. Because both of them want to be decision-makers and control the other. On the other hand, when both are dominated by feminine energy, the relationship gets boring. Therefore, it is important to have compatibility between partners.

Both the 5th and 7th houses play an important role in marriage. However, there is a subtle difference between the 7th house and 5th house in terms of love and marital aspects. 7th house is more about commitment, cooperation, sexual aspects, or give and take kind of relationships. It is held together by certain commitments for each other. But the emotional side, purity of love, pleasures, and romance have to be seen from the 5th house.

If the 7th house is connected to the 6th house negatively, then the spouse may turn into an enemy. Then, there can be constant quarrels and problems that eventually lead to divorce and litigation.

7th House talks about Business Partnerships

Even in business, you may have to take help from others to fulfill your ambition. Like marriage, here also the purpose of the partnership is to fulfill the larger goal of achieving something. Through this partnership, you form an alliance with like-minded people for mutual benefit. The partnership is bound by contracts, agreements, lawsuits, negotiations, and legal procedures.

The degree of success achieved through partnership can also be seen here. This partnership can only succeed when all the partners are contributing to the alliance. Sometimes the partnerships fail when the 7th house gets afflicted. The partnership fails because of personality clashes, trust factor, or differing values among partners.

The 7th house is called Maraka House

Maraka means an inauspicious or death-like situation. In Vedic Astrology, the 8th house and 3rd house (8th from 8th house) rule over longevity. The 2nd and 7th houses being the 12th houses from these houses are termed as death inflicting houses. However, the 7th house is less powerful compared to the 2nd house as a maraka house.

Significator (Karaka) for the 7th House

Venus is the significator for the 7th House, which represents love and romance. The significator is like the judge, who approves the case. Therefore, Venus in the chart should be checked in order to judge the 7th house.

Planets in the 7th House Astrology

Ideally, it is preferable to have no or fewer planets in this house. Because the more planets in this house would create more expectations from the relationship. Also, more planets bring different kinds of energies to the table, which may create more chaos and confusion. However, having no planets in the 7th house does not mean a happy married life. Again several factors such as placement of the 7th house ruler in the chart and aspect of other planets on the 7th house matters.

Body Parts and Diseases Related to the 7th House

Body parts represented by this house are semen, urinary tract, ovaries, urethra, kidneys, female organs. When the seventh house or its lord gets afflicted by conjunction/aspect, it will create disturbance in the areas represented by this house. The possible diseases caused by the 7th house are the urinary bladder, appendicitis, lower abdomen, prostate, problems in semen and naval region, sexual disorders, egg problems in females.

Profession Related to the 7th House

The professions related to the seventh house are business, trading, Working with someone in partnership, foreign business, marriage counselor, divorce lawyer.

The 7th House in Mundane Astrology

In Mundane astrology, the 7th house stands for foreign trade and relations, international affairs and disputes, partnership with other countries, trade agreements, business contracts, business partnerships, legal affairs, company contracts, marriage & divorces.

Remedies for the afflicted 6th House

When the 6th house is afflicted in the horoscope, then there will be problems in the areas associated with the house. The problems can be mitigated to some extent by performing remedial measures. Please refer for more on remedies in astrology.

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