The Tenth House is commonly referred to as the House of Social Status. It is about the place we have attained in our social (or work/career) grouping and in society as a whole. Think status, the authority it conveys, and consequently, the role we take in our community. It also speaks to any promotions we receive, any fame we may have or will come to have and the types of business and social activities in which we partake. With respect to achievement, this house focuses on how we see ourselves and how the community as a whole sees us (and our efforts). Through this house, we work on manifesting ourselves. Vocation is important in the Tenth House. What role will we choose and how will we best fill it? How much do we want to achieve? Career, professional goals, ambition and motivation all come into play here. In a more practical context, employers and their rules are covered here, as are any other organizations (specifically the government) that have the ability to rule over us. Along with our life’s work comes the challenge of ruling over others, although there will generally be someone who lords over us. The prestige and social status we accrue by virtue of our careers and vocations can be seen, intangibly, in the form of ego gratification. How we manage this is addressed by the Tenth House. It may be most difficult to tire of financial rewards in our consumerist society; surprisingly, ego massage may grow old more quickly..

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10th Astrological House

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The tenth House is the House of status, honor, community power, prestige, reputation, and professional career. In our society, this includes financial success, but only as it relates to community power and prestige. It's not about gaining "material stuff" as it is in the 2nd house. The 10th house wants success for the sake of honor and social status. This house includes social foundations (as opposed to personal home foundations in the 4th), recognition, personal achievements, social responsibilities, sense of duty, authority figures, politicians. This House encompasses the most public areas of one's life, and the career that you grow into, as opposed to daily work and odd jobs ruled by the 6th House. As with the 4th House, astrologers are divided over whether the 10th House rules one's mother or father. Those that say the 4th House rules the mother, say the 10th House rules the father, and vice versa. What is clear is that the 4th House rules the nurturing, home-body parent, while the 10th House rules the public, success-focused parent (the parent who "wears the pants"). As with the other angular houses, any planets in this house are very important. Planets in the 10th house, the sign on the cusp of the 10th house, and its ruling planet will greatly influence your career and your general reputation in public..

SATURN's House

The Tenth House is known as the House of Career and is ruled by Saturn. Yes, career, so it makes sense that Capricorn rules this house. It has everything to do with your social statues, reputation, public persona and desire to climb to the top. (Like a true Capricorn.) Power and prestige are major themes here, as well as success as a claim to fame. Don’t worry, we’re also concerned with financial gain. The questions asked by the Tenth House are: Are you satisfied with your current position? How much more do you want to achieve? What is your ultimate role in society and how can you best fulfill it? The Tenth House covers where you fit into society and the role you have in your community. Career is covered here, but it also extends beyond that to the work you do. Of all the career-related houses, this house is deeper. It looks at how you’re actually manifesting your true self. Ego is tied to the Tenth house as well, and how you are seen by others. The question of how you manage your gifts and talents and the resulting status that comes with them are important here. It asks you to think about how you will manage these gifts and talents and put them to their bets possible use. Will you use them strictly for personal gain, or to further society in some way? The Tenth House also includes honors, prestige, awards, promotions, fame, legacy, employers, government rules, discipline, fathers and fatherhood..

The 10th house in astrology is where real actions happen in an individual’s life. All your success and achievements are rewarded by this house. It is the house of destiny and the planet in this house gives an indication of a career path. This is the place where you will reinvent yourself and accomplish your goals and fulfill your dreams. Also, the 10th house reveals the kind of legacy you will leave behind in this world.

Areas represented by 10th House

Daily actions, career, position, profession, authority, rank, status, honor, occupation, means of livelihood, prestige, self-respect, recognition, power, achievements, reputation, promotion, employment.

10th house in Vedic Astrology

The 10th house is a very important house in Vedic astrology as it is one of both Kendra and upachaya houses. In Vedic Astrology, the 10th bhava is called Karma Bhava. Karma literally means actions. This is the place where we perform actions for living.

It is one of the Kendra houses (angular houses), where ‘artha’ or financial matters gets dominated. Kendra houses are related to the actions with respect to dharma (1st), artha (10th), kama (7th), and moksha(4th). 10th house actions are more to do with a livelihood.

The 10th house is also one of the financial trines or artha trikona, along with the 2nd house and 6th house. The 2nd house represents the resources, the 6th house signifies obstacles and hurdles, which one has to overcome and finally the 10th house signifies the final goal or place of action. Therefore, one has to analyze these houses in totality.

The 10th house of the natal chart is ruled by the sign Capricorn and its ruler is Saturn. In the 10th house masculine planets, Sun, Mars, and Jupiter do well, while feminine planets Moon and Venus are not very comfortable.

Role of the 10th House in Astrology

In astrology, the 4th house represents your internal world and the 10th house represents the external world. The 10th house shows your public image in society. You are exposed to the world from this house. The prestige and social status in the eye of society are seen here.

What you are within and how you present to the outer world are two different things. This house gives an opportunity to express yourself to others. You can either inspire others by creating a positive impact or you may give a negative picture of yourself. It all depends on how you carry your 10th house.

The 10th house denotes Actions

The 10th house is the house that falls directly overhead the place you were born. The 10th house is the most elevated house. As the sun shines bright at noon, this house also shines like the bright house of your public life. This is called the house of karma because this is the place where you are going to perform your actions/duties. It denotes the actions primarily performed for a living.

The 6th house is related to the 10th house, as a karmic house. 6th house is more to do with prarabdha karma, where you will not have much control over your actions. But, in the 10th house, you perform actions with your own free will.

The 10th house gives an opportunity to release the stored karma from the baggage. Whether one adds on to the karmic baggage or reduces the stored up karma will depend on the house and its occupants.

10th House is the Primary House for Profession

The 10th house in combination with other houses will tell you everything about the profession. The kind of profession, success in profession, roles & responsibilities in career, whether one works as a subordinate or a boss are all answered by the 10th house.

One may start earning from an early age itself but another starts earning late in life. One will have a very smooth career progression but others will have ups and downs in their career. All these factors are revealed by this house.

In ancient times, it was generally the practice that one will continue the profession of the father. We know the 2nd house represents personal resources. So, the 10th house, which is 2nd from the 9th house of the father, represents resources acquired from the father. That is the reason, the 10th house was given more prominence for the profession. However, things have changed over time. Therefore, we should consider other houses as well for professional predictions.

It gives an impression as to how you view your work. Because everyone has a different attitude towards their profession. Some are very passionate about whatever they do, while others have a very lazy approach. And also the purpose of the work will be different for each individual. It shows the ambition of the individual in career matters. Some people will work to fulfill their passion and some are only interested in monetary gains. All these points are determined by the 10th house. It reveals your highs and depths you reach in terms of your profession.

The 10th House in Astrology deals with Responsibilities

The 10th house is more to do with self-development which involves growing up in a career path and updating required skill sets. The purpose and goals are to fulfill self and family responsibilities. When the 6th house is connected with the 10th house, the purpose may change into serving the society or doing something to the community.

The 10th House shows your Reputation

The 10th house shows what kind of legacy you will leave behind. The only thing which remains in the minds of the people even after your death is your fond remembrances. The impression we leave in this world while alive and also after death depends on the work you do. When the 10th house is positive and planets in the house are not afflicted, there will be a positive public image and reputation in the society is guaranteed. On the other hand, an afflicted 10th house can damage the reputation.

10th House in Astrology Represents Last Rites

The 10th house is one of the houses that represents performing the last rites of parents. Because the 10th house is 2nd from the 9th house (father) and 7th from the 4th house (mother). 2nd and 7th houses are called ‘maraka houses’ or death inflicting houses in astrology. But this may be applicable only to the eldest of the siblings, according to Hindu tradition.

Planets in the 10th House in Astrology

Planets placed in the 10th house will determine the nature of the profession. Interestingly, malefic planets also do well in the 10th house, provided they are not afflicted. Like all other houses, when the 10th house becomes auspicious, then the professional life would be smoother. Everything happens as per plan. You will gain prestige and reputation in society. However, when this house is afflicted, then professional life would become a nightmare.

Ideally, it is great to have the ruler of the 10th house in the following places - exalted position, own house, friendly house, in kendra/kona or associated with ascendant/benefic planets. Along with this, strong and positive planets in the 10th house will uplift the house.

Body Parts and Diseases related to the 10th House

Body parts represented by the tenth house are thighs, knees, joints, bones. Diseases connected with this house are problems in the kneecap, kneecap replacement, rheumatoid arthritis, any other problems in the region of knees, joints, and bones.

The 10th House in Mundane Astrology

In mundane astrology, the 10th house represents the head of the nation like Prime minister or President, government, people in authority, national trade, exports & imports, international affairs, dignity and reputation of the nation, the ruling party of the nation, soft power of the nation, negotiation skills of the nation, etc.

Remedies for the afflicted 10th House

When the 10th house is afflicted in the horoscope, then there will be problems in the areas associated with the house. The problems can be mitigated to some extent by performing remedial measures. Please refer for more on remedies in astrology.

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