The Third House is commonly referred to as the House of Communication. In this house, much of the communication is going on between the individual and those he or she holds close: brothers and sisters, as well as neighbors. While communication here can be both written and verbal, it also has a conscious quality to it. Think about kindred spirits and mental connections. This serves to highlight the role of intelligence within the Third House. Intelligence, as viewed in this realm, is the analytical ability one possesses within his or her environment, specifically a basic grasp of things and a practical sensibility. We use this intelligence to help us work effectively within our world and with those in it. The Third House reminds us that it’s okay to use our conscious skills, as well as a more reflective intelligence, in order to make our way. A symbiotic relationship with those we hold close is also part of the plan. Let’s not forget that our minds are powerful, quick and dexterous. Some things will be well-thought out, others nearly automatic. Maximizing our sum potential is the key..

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3rd Astrological House

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The third House is that of communication, which by extension includes one's immediate environment: siblings, neighbors, short journeys, and all forms of transportation. The 3rd house also includes the intellect, the lower mind (details and small bits of information as opposed to the higher mind in 9th house), thinking patterns, and early education (before college). Communication includes messages, deliveries, gossip, phone calls, visits, reading and writing..

Mercury's House

The Third House is known as the House of Communication, and is ruled by fast-paced Mercury. Corresponding to zodiac sign Gemini, this house has everything to do with how you communicate with others. It rules our thinking patterns, talking style, language, logic and technology (computers, cell phones, apps, video games, etc.). It also serves as a reminder of how powerful, quick and versatile your mind really is. Harnessing your intelligence and finding a way to share it effectively with others is the spirit of the Third House. If the Third House had a motto, it would be: Think. Process. Share. Repeat. The Third House also covers things closer to socially engaged Gemini’s heart. It’s in this house that we focus on secondary relationships (siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles), kindred spirits/mental connections, and neighbors. The Third House also covers areas of life like local or short distance travel, libraries, early (pre-college) school experiences, teachers, and community affairs. It’s here that we dive into topics connected to our communities, neighbors, social/religious groups, etc. And of the importance to take what you learn and share it with others. The Third House also includes indicators about an individual’s taste in reading and writing, as well as local transportation (including mail and other deliveries) and local culture.

The ascendant (or first house) represents the identity and the 2nd house will provide the resources to sustain and maintain that identity. Now the 3rd house in astrology deals with the utilization of these resources to complement one’s identity. It provides intelligence and desires in effectively utilizing those resources. For example, one may have a good, nice speaking voice. But it has to be effectively used in communication, which is the subject matter of the third house. The 3rd house is an important house because it allows you to assess your true condition. It gives information about your environment, strengths, and weaknesses.

Areas Represented by the 3rd House

The third house rules over communication, intellect, siblings, short journey, courage, longevity, will power, self-efforts, determination, hobbies, writing skills, transportation, movement, sports, strength, Youthful, Energy.

3rd House in Vedic Astrology

In Vedic Astrology, the 3rd house is called ‘sahaja bhava’or ‘parakrama bhava’. In sanskrit, ‘sahaja; means original, hereditary, spontaneous, and ‘parakrama’ means courage, valor, and prowess. This is one important house because it is the source of inspiration. All the factors related to basic survival originates from the 3rd house.

The 3rd house is considered as a mild malefic house and Vedic astrology terms the 3rd house as ‘upachaya house’ or house of growth. Even malefic planets in this house turn beneficial for the native. The 3rd house is associated with the Gemini sign in the zodiac which is ruled by Mercury.

It is the first of ‘kama trikona’ or trine of desires (other houses being 7th and 11th house). 3rd is the seed of the desire which motivates to do the action. The 7th house is where one acts upon in fulfilling those desires. It may be through partnerships or other means. And 11thouse house is where the fulfillment of larger desire takes place.

Role of the 3rd House in Astrology

The 3rd house is an important house because it allows you to assess your true condition. It gives information about your environment, strengths, and weaknesses. These are very critical information that will help in shaping our destiny. A strong third house will help in assessing each situation and then taking appropriate action.

3rd House is about Lower Mind

The third house is the house of the lower mind, which works in physical reality with facts and logic. It represents our way of thinking and reasoning. It speaks about how you express yourself or how you react to each of the situations. This reaction will finally lead to decision making. Or in other words, it shows how one thinks, speaks, writes, or take decisions in different scenarios. 3rd house is also logical and creative intelligence, which assists the 5th house. Therefore, all sorts of creative things like singing, writing, dance, arts, other hobbies - which gives real enjoyment - come under the 3rd house.

On the negative side, it also signifies materialistic desires, lust, aggression, cravings. It will induce the mind to be engaged in unhealthy activities. When the mind is not satisfied with circumstances, you tend to create shortcut routes to fulfill those pleasures, like smoking, drinking alcohol, or drugs.

3rd House Stands for Communication

Communication is represented by the 3rd house in astrology. Your ability to communicate and interact in any form - verbal, written, sign language, coded language - all part of this house. It also shows your inner dialogue - how you speak to yourself. All kinds of language come under this house. A language is a tool of communication, which helps in transferring information, feelings, messages with others through verbal or non-verbal fashion. Non-verbal communication sometimes becomes more powerful than verbal communication. A painter communicates through his painting, a sculptor through sculpture, a singer through singing etc.

All the equipment related to communication like telephone, mobile, tv, radio, letter, newspaper are all matters of the 3rd house. So, when a third house/lord is connected to a career, then the person may become a journalist, blogger, language specialist, editor, speaker, research fellow, blogger, marketing expert, language teacher, coding specialist.

3rd House deals with Self-efforts and Courage

The third house also denotes self-efforts. It is the house of raw will power and ambition to succeed. It shows whether one is able to exert will power, courage, and determination to face any obstacles in life. Winning and losing depends on how you look at problems. For example, when problems strike in life, some people breaks down and give up. But some will learn new skill sets and start afresh. For some people, obstacles and problems serve as lessons to correct the path. A strong third house provides power and energy to fight any adversaries.

Interestingly, 3rd house, 7th house and 11th house form a ‘triangle’. 3rd house is about working with self - putting efforts in achieving personal ambitions. In the 7th house, it is more to do with a relationship with like-minded people to achieve bigger goals, and in the 11th house, effort goes towards social engineering and social causes.

3rd House talks about Siblings and Childhood friends

It deals with siblings, especially younger ones, and signifies their nature and mentality. It tells you about relationships not only with brothers/sisters but also with immediate family members and also with neighbors and friends. They are contacts you interacted with regularly in childhood and they had an immense influence on your psyche. These people may become your friends or competitors or even enemies.

3rd House deals with Transportation and short travels

It is also the house of transportation. It represents short journeys and local trips. It shows the traveling interest of the person. If it is well connected, the native may be fond of traveling. Again, depending on the type of planets associated with this house will tell exactly what kind of travel one is interested in.

Significator (Karaka) for the 3rd House

Mars is the significator for the 3rd House, which provides courage and will power. The significator is like the judge, who approves the case. Therefore, Mars in the chart should be checked in order to judge the 3rd house.

Body Parts and Diseases Related to the 3rd House

Body parts represented by this house are neck, throat, right ear, shoulders, arms, nervous system, lungs. When the third house or its lord gets afflicted by conjunction/aspect, it will create disturbance in the areas represented by this house. The possible diseases caused by the 3rd house are throat problems, throat cancer, vertigo, communication problems, stammering, deafness, shoulder problems, cervical spondylosis (wear and tear of the spinal disk in the neck region)

The 3rd House in Mundane Astrology

The 3rd house in mundane astrology represents communication systems, tourism, railways, traffic, the transport system of the country, postal department, courier service, telephones, books, social media, newspapers, press, libraries, electronic equipment, stocks and shares, the confidence of the general public, warheads.

Planets in the Third House

Planets in the third house and placement of its lord show what kind of resources one will have at his disposal. Each planet will have its own effect on the 3rd house. The problem comes when the conflict of energy happens. When planets with opposing energies come together, it will affect the native. For example, enemy planets like Sun-Saturn, Mercury-Mars etc can create many problems. These planets placed together in the 3rd house usually create many ups and downs in the life of the person.

Remedies for the afflicted 3rdd House

When the 3rd house is afflicted in the horoscope, then there will be problems in the areas associated with the house. The problems can be mitigated to some extent by performing remedial measures. Please refer for more on remedies in astrology.

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