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The ancient classic Laghu Parashari, whose authorship is not known, is a brief but important one dealing with the application of the Vimsottari Dasa dasa system in 42 verses divided into five chapters. We really hope you complete your journey and wish you luck..

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Chapter 1 Samajna Adhyaya➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️

️‍🔥1. We pray to Goddess Sarasvati who has red lips, who holds Veens (a musical instrument) in her hand; she is the real strength of Lord Brahma who is so greatly spoken of in the Upanishads.
️‍🔥2. For the enlightenment of the learned astrologers, I compose this Udu-daya-Pradeep on the basis of Parashara Hora-Shastra.
️‍🔥3. We will include the Astrological results (good or bad) of the Nakshatra Dasha Paddhati as shown in Vimshottari System; and do not believe in Ashtottari System.
️‍🔥4. The learned should make themselves familiar with the fundamentals of Astrology through other works. Here only the specific principles will be explained.
️‍🔥5. All the planets (beginning with the Sun) aspect the planets in the 7th House with a full sight; but Saturn aspects those in the 3rd and 10th Houses with extra ordinary Drishti, so does Jupiter aspect them in the 5th and the 9th, and Mars in the 4th and the 8th Houses with a full sight.

️‍🔥6. All the planets owning Trines, i.e. the 1st, 5th and 9th Houses by signs produce uniformly good results, whether they are benefics or malefics. If they own the Trick houses, i.e. the 3rd, 6th and 11th houses by signs, they are always disposed towards evil.
️‍🔥7. It is commonly believed that benefics (Jupiter, Venus, strong Moon and well associated Mercury) when they own Angles by sing i.e. 4th, 7th and 10th houses they give good results; but as per Laghu Parashari this will not be true unless they are lords of the Trines also simultaneously. The same way, according to the popular belief, the malefics (the Sun, Mars, Saturn debilitated or waning Moon and ill-associated Mercury) give evil results; but according to Laghu Parashari if they do not own Trishdai (3-6-11) houses, they do not give evil results and become progressively more and more powerful as lords of the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses.

️‍🔥8. Lords of the 2nd and 12th houses are powerful not because of their own merit; they are greatly influenced in giving good or bad results by their association or position in the chart.

️‍🔥9. Lord of the 8th house (Randhresh) by virtue of being the 12th (Vyayesh) from the 9th (Bhagyesha) does not produce good results; but if he happens to be the lord of the Ascendant/Ascendant and occupies the 1st or the 8th house, he becomes benefic.
️‍🔥10. Amongst benefics the evil nature of Jupiter and Venus when they are lords of the Angles is extraordinary. If they own or occupy the Maraka sthana as lords of the Angles they become powerful killers.

️‍🔥11. Mercury has less of this evil nature as compared to Venus; the Moon has much less than that of Mercury. The same way the Sun and the Moon are not evil being Asthmesh (lord of the 8th).
️‍🔥12. (In Cancer nativity) Mars, a malefic, gives good results not being the lord of the 10th house only bu by being the lord of a Trine house 5th also.

️‍🔥13. Rahu and Ketu in spite of being in dignity, give good or bad results according to their position or association.

This brings to the end of Samajna Adhyaya..

Chapter 2 Yoga Adhyaya➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️

️‍🔥14. When there exist mutual aspect and reception between the lords of angles and Trines and their second sign does not fall in any other house than Angles and Trines, they give extra ordinarily good Yoga Karaka results.

️‍🔥15. Lords of the powerful Trine and Angle, i.e. the 10th and the 9th houses, in spite of being lords of trik houses by their other signs, if have mutual aspect, reception or association, give good results.

️‍🔥16. The first of these relationship is considered superior to the 2nd which in turn is superior to that of the 3rd.
️‍🔥17. This gives rise to one doubt, whether the effects in all the Angular – Trinals will be the same or in any way varied. This point has been clarified in the succeeding Shloka.

️‍🔥18. Amongst the Trines, the 5th and the 9th houses are considered powerful and if, with the lord of either of these, the powerful lord of the angle, the 10th house, has relationship, then such a Yoga becomes most effective.
️‍🔥19. Now benefics give auspicious results even without any relationship during their Dasha. Whether the malefic will be instrumental in giving the Yogaphal even when they are related? Its answer is given in the succeeding Shloka.

️‍🔥20. If the same planet happens to own the Angle and Trine the results are propitious. If it has relationship with the Lord of any other Trine, the effect will be most auspicious.
️‍🔥21. If Rahu or Ketu occupying an Angle or Trine has relationship with the Lord of any other Angle or Trine, the Yoga will be effective.

️‍🔥22. If the Lords of the 9th and 10th houses are also respectively Lords of the 8th and the 11th, their relationship Lords is not conductive to any Yoga.
This brings to the end of Yoga Adhyaya.

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Chapter 3 Ayurdaya Adhyaya➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️

️‍🔥23. The 8th house from the Ascendant and the 8th from the 8th, i.e. the 3rd are the two houses of longevity. The houses related to death are the 12th from each of these. Thus the 2nd and the 7th are the Maraka houses.

️‍🔥24. Out of these two Marakasthanas (2nd-7th) the 2nd house is more powerful. During the ruling period of the Lords of the 2nd and the 7th, the malefics occupying them or associated with them, the death of the native is possible.

️‍🔥25. If a native, before his birth, has already lived/passed the Dasha periods of the aforesaid Marakas or no malefic is there with the Markesh or occupy these houses, the Lord of the 12th house from the Ascendant during his Dasha period may be expected to inflict death.
️‍🔥26. In the absence of the Dasha period of all or any of these Lords, the Dasha of a benefic planet to the Lord of the 12th house may be stated as responsible for inflicting death. End may also be possible in the Dasha of the Lord of the 8th house.

️‍🔥27. In the absence of the past Marakas the death inflicting agents may be traced to the succeeding Lords who may prove fatal in their major or sub-ruling periods.

️‍🔥28. If Saturn is ill-disposed and related to Maraka planets, he will be the first to inflict death over other plants.

This brings to the end of Ayurdaya Adhyaya

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Chapter 4 Dasha Phala Adhyaya➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️

️‍🔥29. All the planets do not give good or bad results according to their Atmabhavanurupa during their own Antar in their own Dasha.
️‍🔥30. Dasha Nath (Lord of the Dasha) gives his own Dashaphal (effects of his Dasha) in the Antar of those planets who are (Sambandha Karta) related to him or are of like nature (the 9th) and give similarphal as that of the Dasha Nath.

️‍🔥31. Those Planets who give results contrary to the Atamasvabhava of the Dasha Nath the effects in their Antar are by adjustment between the two (Lords of the ruling period and those of the sub-period). (An admixture of good and bad effects is seen in the Antar of the Lord of Trishdai during the main ruling period of the Dasha Natu if they are unrelated).

️‍🔥32. The Lord of the angle in his Dasha and the Antar of the Lord of Trine gives good effects if there is mutual relationship between them. The lord of the Trine in his Dasha and the Antar of the Lord of Trine give good effects if there is mutual relationship between them. They both give evil effects when there is no mutual relationship between the two.
️‍🔥32. Therefore, in the Dasha of Evil Lord of the Angle and the Antar of the Lord of Trine (if not evil) good results are expected. The word ‘Papakrit’ evil is applicable to the Lords of Angles only in this Shloka.

️‍🔥33. If a Raja Yoga is operative in the Sub-period of a Yogakaraka but Maraka planet, it improves the effect of such a Yoga. In the same way the sub-period of a malefic promotes the results.
️‍🔥34. Also in the ruling period of the Yoga-Karaka planet gives good results in his sub-period of benefic planets who may not be related, he gives immediate effects depending upon his strength.
️‍🔥35. In some cases the Yoga Karaka planet gives good results in his sub-period during the main ruling period of a benefic related to him. ️‍🔥36. Rahu-Ketu, if posited in a Trine or Angle and are not related to any other planet, give good results during their main ruling period and in the sub-period of a Yoga Karaka.

This brings to the end of Dasha Phala-Adhyaya

Chapter 5 Misraka Adhyaya

️‍🔥37. During the Maha Dasha of malefic planets the results are invariably unfavourable in the Antar of unrelated benefics; these results are mixed (both good and bad) in the Antar of related benefics and these results are specially bad in the Antar of unrelated Yoga Karakas.

️‍🔥38. If the Dasha Nath are malefics then the Antar of their unrelated benefics always gives evil effects; the Antar of their related benefics gives mixed effects and that of their unrelated Yoga Karakas gives very bad effects.

️‍🔥39. Death inflicting planet does not become a killer during his main ruling period and the sub-period of related benefics. Rather, he becomes a Maraka during the period of unrelated malefics.
️‍🔥40. During the sub-period of Saturn in the main ruling period of Venus, Saturn enhances the result of Venus, so is the case during the sub-period of Venus in the main ruling period of Saturn. In other words the sub-period Lord enacts like the main ruling period Lord.

️‍🔥41. If the lord of the Ascendant and that of the 10th mutually exchange places, i.e., the Lord of the Ascendant is posited in the 10th and that of the 10th in the Ascendant then they form a Raja Yoga. They signify position, power and reputation.

️‍🔥42. In the same way if the Lord of the 9th and that of the 10th mutually exchange places, i.e., they are posited in each others house, they then form a Raja Yoga and such a native is blessed with name, fame and power.
This brings to the end of Misraka Adhyaya

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