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Puja & Mantras in Vedic astrology are a combination of syllabus or hymns, which, if pronounced correctly, helps the native to concentrate one’s mind on the universal energy.

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Remedies For Success In Stock Market

Ho to read vedic chart

It is always in the 1st, 2nd, 5th, 10th, and 11th houses you need to pay attention to. It is here where the lords will connect. If so, then the native can easily make a good career out of shares in the stock market.

Important houses for Stock Market in a Horoscope

1st House or Ascendant:

It is you yourself. All your initiatives and endeavors are judged from this house.

2nd House:

2nd house signifies wealth and family of the native. It shows the quantum of wealth a person may possess.

5th House:

This is the prime house of intuitions and all speculative activities including share market, stock trading, dealing in foreign currency etc. Therefore, if this house is strong or the house lord is in exaltation or is well placed in the natal chart, and also makes a relation with 2nd or 11th lord then the person is sure to earn money through the share market.

8th House:

8th house signifies sudden gain so it becomes an important house as we make sudden gains or losses in the stock market too.

9th House:

The ninth house of the chart is a house of luck or bhagya. If your house of fortune is strong and its lord is well placed, it strengthens your luck to make huge gains. If the 9th lord is further associated with the other houses of wealth and gains then it even become stronger to help the native to make huge gains through stock market. It must have an association with the fifth house or its lord without any malefic influence. It indicates the definite success in the share or stock market.

10th House:

This is a house of karmas or profession in an individual’s birth chart. The astrologer makes predictions about the career of a person based on the position of the tenth house and its lord in his natal and other related charts. Some lucky folks are born with a strong 10th house which facilitates them to get impressive position in life and high status in their lives and of course profession.

11th House:

The 11th house depicts gains, desires and income from different sources. The planets and houses that are important for stock trading if connected to the 11th house in the native horoscope, it makes a great combination to earn through the share market.



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If your stars are in the 2nd, 5th, 9th, and 11th houses, then you are well placed. You are even free from malefic influences, which will otherwise prevent you from a winning scenario. So, if your stars are in the right houses, you might get success in the share market. Go through the available options of astrological experts before choosing one for help. .

In This Regard, Consider These Mantras:

:🪶Om Namo Veer Vetal Aaksmik Dhan Dehi Dehi Namah:

  • Before you are beginning with trading, chant the above Mantras 21 times each. Pray to Lord Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi for a couple of minutes. Go ahead with trading.
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Lal Kitab Remedies for Stock Market

Stock market is the most important part when comes to money making. Everybody wants their speculation report to give successful results but this might be a dream for some..

: – ||🪶– Feed cows with green grass and invite more and more money symbolizing green currency .
🪶– – Charity of goats will be auspicious for you if you want to win stock market.
🪶– – Donate green things to poor and needy especially on Wednesdays.

Planetary Combinations to attain success in Share Market

  • ⛳If there is a connection between the 1st, 2nd, 5th, 10th and 11th lords, the native may choose dealings in share or stock market as his career.
  • ⛳If the lords of the 2nd, 5th, 9th and 11th houses are strong or exalted, and no malefic planet is associated with them then it is an indication of success in the share market.
  • ⛳If the lord of the 5th house is placed in the 2nd house and the 10th lord is positioned in the 11th or 5th house, the native may make decent earnings through share market.
  • ⛳If there is an exchange or Parivartan Yoga between the 2nd and 11th lords then also the native will be successful in the share market.
  • ⛳If Jupiter, the karaka of wealth is placed in the ascendant and have an aspect of any of the 2nd, 5th, and 9th lords then it is certain to succeed in the share /stock market.
  • ⛳If Rahu and Jupiter are so placed that they remain in quadrant or trine to each other then also the native will invest in the share market. Even if the lords of the quadrant or trine conjoin these two planets, there is a good possibility of earning through speculations. 
  • ⛳Lords of 5th, 9th &11th houses if placed in quadrant or trine and have associations of benefic planets, then also the person will succeed in the stock market
  • ⛳Presence of “Chandra Mangal Yoga” (Moon-Mars conjunction) in a natal chart and placement of Jupiter, Rahu or Mercury in the 11th house, ensures a person to earn money through share market.
  • ⛳If Moon is placed in the 8th house of your chart you will earn and simultaneously lose money in speculative activities that makes him susceptible to stay long in this profession.
  • ⛳If there is a conjunction of 5th and 4th house lords and it takes place in quadrant or trine or anywhere else also but then it should be aspected by the 9th lord. In that case, the person will earn through investments in the share market. There should not be any malefic association too.

  • Want more profit in stock market ? Appease Rahu

    • 💞Apart from these, you should chant Rahu Mantra. This remedy will surely give effective results.
    • 💞💞💞ऊं छां छीं छौं स: राहवे नम: ।।

    Kundalini Yoga Mantra For Money

    Many people also use Kundalini Yoga mantras to bring prosperity into your life. Arguably the best Kundalini mantra for wealth is:.

      : – ||🪶“Har Har Har Gobinday”.

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