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Puja & Mantras in Vedic astrology are a combination of syllabus or hymns, which, if pronounced correctly, helps the native to concentrate one’s mind on the universal energy.

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Astrological Remedies For Childless Couple

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After the marriage, a couple look forward to have a child and relish the joy of raising a family. The issue of infertility or childlessness is a permanent nagging point in our society, which leads to sadness, mental illness, stressful relationships and loss of honor for a lady. Our own child is considered guardian of a tradition, torch bearer for future generations. Best 6 Astrology Remedies for Childless Couples to have Baby, is our efforts to explain in simple terms- the problem and possible solutions. .

Infertility or childlessness also causes a stress in the marital bond, as the couples lose patience and try to cope with something that they had hoped would happen naturally. Around 12% to 14% Indian couple are facing this issues currently. Following 6 astrology remedies for childless couples to have baby is must read for couple facing infertility issues

The Mantra to Solve this Problems will be helpful for you if you go through it. Therefore, here are some astrological remedies for childless couple. These can be done to bring the fortune of being a parent.Santana Gopal Mantra: Santana Gopal mantra, if chanted regularly, can help a lady in conceiving.

“ॐ श्रीं ह्रीं क्लीं ग्लौं देवकीसुत गोविन्द वासुदेव जगत्पते देहि मे तनयं कृष्ण त्वामहं शरणं गतः”

This is a powerful mantra. It works miracles as an astrological remedy for childless couples. Hence, chant this mantra for a total number of 108 times after bathing. It will work magic for you.

  • 💞Crystals

Crystals like Rose Quartz and Aventurine are helpful. Also, they are extremely effective in the problems of childlessness. It is old astrological remedies for childless couples.

  • 💞Worship Lord Dattatreya

Dattatreya is one of the most important deities in childbirth. Hence, worshipping him can help greatly to overcome this hurdle.

  • 💞Recite Guru Charitra

The husband and wife may chant some fragments of the Guru Charitra. Chant with a deep faith and a pure heart.

  • 💞Worship Raghavendra Swami

Raghavendra Swami is the lord of childbirth. Therefore, Worshipping him is an effective method to remove childlessness.

  • Feed Brahmins

Feeding Brahmins is believed to be an act of kindness. And kindness is used to attract the blessings of God. This may help as astrological remedies for childless couples. Perform these astrological remedies for getting pregnant. Do them with a pure heart. Also, keep a strong belief and faith in the power of our lords. Surely, they will bless you with a healthy and beautiful child.

Astrological Remedies For Infertility

Astrological Remedies For Infertility, In Indian and Vedic astrology, there are astrological solutions for every problem of life. Therefore, if you are not getting pregnant because of infertility, here is a solution. Try these powerful astrological remedies for infertility. But do these astrological remedies for infertility regularly to see the wonders.

  • 💞Firstly, eliminate all the stress. Fill your life with happiness and joyfulness. It will strengthen the position of Mars.
  • 💞Secondly, take Amla juice to remove any toxins present in your body.
  • 💞Thirdly, stay calm. Avoid any danger. Also, control diabetes.
  • 💞It is important to stay active. There should be any tiredness in your daily schedule.
  • 💞Lastly, worship and meditate regularly. Worship the Lord Shiva, Krishna, and Mata Laxmi. Also, chant relevant mantras to get rid of infertility problems.

Perform these astrological remedies for infertility. Do them with a pure heart. Also, keep a strong belief and faith in the power of our lords. Surely, they will bless you with a healthy and beautiful child.

Astrological Reasons For Not Getting Pregnant

Astrological Reasons For Not Getting Pregnant, The presence of a child is reflected by the 5th house of the birth chart. Also, the ascendant lord and the placement of the ascendant lord describes the child. Properly analyze this house. Also, analyze the role of evil and beneficial planets such as Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu. It determines two possibilities of childlessness or delayed pregnancy. The horoscope of husbands is studied to see the following.

  • 💞The 5th house and its association with other planets.
  • 💞The 5th house and 5th lord from the Moon.
  • 💞The conjunction of the lord of Lagna with Mars.

Some of the astrological reasons for not getting pregnant are given below:

  • 💞Firstly, aspects of malefic stars from the 5th house of the ascendant, Moon and Jupiter. It can be astrological reasons for not getting pregnant. Also, the absence of any beneficial star may be responsible for not getting pregnant.
  • 💞Secondly, if the Lords of the fifth house from Jupiter, Moon and ascendant are placed in the sixth, eighth and tenth house. There are astrological reasons for not getting pregnant.
  • 💞Thirdly, when malefic stars such as Saturn, Mars, Rahu, or Ketu are placed in second and twelfth houses—at the same time, counting the fifth house from ascendant, which is Moon and Jupiter.
  • 💞Finally, if benefic planet being the lord of the fifth house is placed in the same house along with malefic lord of its inimical sign. It’s astrological reasons for not getting pregnant.

Totka To Get Pregnant

Totka To Get Pregnant, There are powerful totka to get pregnant in Vedic astrology. Some of them are listed below. Try this effective totka to get pregnant.

  • 💞The childless couple should circle the holy trees. The tress can be of Peepal or Bo or scared Fig. Also, you can pray to Lord Ganesha. He will bless you with a child. You can fast on Thursday. Read Vrat Katha to eliminate the lack of energy coming from Venus and Jupiter.
  • 💞Also, donating yellow items like banana and lentils are powerful totka to get pregnant.
  • 💞On the days of the Full Moon, you can fast. Also, offer white flowers to the Moon. Also, you can donate white items like rice, sugar, and milk. The husband should chant “Om Name Bhagwate Vasudevaye” for a total number of 108 times.
  • 💞Do not copulate in the days of Amavas, Shradh, adhik mash, Rikta Tithi, solar and lunar eclipse.
  • 💞The morning venus hours are good for cohabitation.
  • 💞Lastly, sleep in the north-west direction for a healthy child.

Perform this totka for getting pregnant. Do them with a pure heart. Also, keep a strong belief and faith in the power of our lords. Surely, they will bless you with a healthy and beautiful child.

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  • This is Lord Ganesha Mantra to solve relationship problems, and you should have to chant the Mantra 108 times every day. Keep in mind that before chanting the Mantra, you have to arrange the things needed. Sit at a very silent place with complete concentration and calm mind to chant the Mantra. Light an incense in front of Lord Ganesha while chanting the Mantra.

    Mantra To Fix Relationship

    Mantra To Fix Relationship, Love and trust should not disappear from a relationship because it is the stem of the relationship. If due to lot of reasons you got separated from your love, then you should try to fix it again. You can fix your relationship through manta. Although you tried everything to solve it, you also have to try the astrology solution, which is a good way of getting love back.

    You and your loving partner will be again in love if every problem will solve. Mantra to fix relationships will be beneficial for you. No ups and downs can break your relationship. You will remain happy forever after gaining a lot of love.

    When the problems are removed from the relationship, and everything will go smoothly in your life, automatic relation will be strong. The interference of any people will not work if you used this Mantra. Your future with each other will be bright if the relationship is good.

    || Om Vignaashnay Dhimahi, Kshipra Nirvighnam Kurume Namah ||

    The powerful Ganesh mantra to fix the relationship has been specified above for you. Do proper chant of this Mantra for 108 times. To chant this Mantra, you have to sit calmly and keep concentrate your mind. Focus is important for better results. Without any disturbances and distractions, do chant this Mantra daily. The effective result will be in front of you within a few days. The lord Ganesha blessings will be with you; meanwhile, you will successfully fix the relationship.

    Mantra To Protect Relationship

    Mantra To Protect Relationship, Generally, every husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend wants an unbreakable relationship which should be bind with a lot of love and trust. If one of you is responsible for the breakup of the relationship, then the other one has to protect the relationship. The efforts of protecting it will not make you lose your relationship anyhow.

    If you are searching out the solution of protecting it, then Mantra to protect relationships will be effective for you. All you have to do follow it with good intentions of protecting your relationship. This method will be successful if you genuinely love your partner with all your heart.

    Your worries will end about relationship if your love life is back with your loved one. Mantra to protect relationships can heal all your problems related to relationships. There will be no chances of break up in the relationship once you tried this. Even you can protect your love from the interference of other people. Mostly it becomes the reason for breaking in a relationship; meanwhile, Mantra is the solution for you.

    || Shiva Shaktyayukto Yadibhavtishaktah Prabhavintuh, Nachdevedevona Khalukushalah Spanditumapi | Ottawa Maradhyanhharihar Virichhadhibhirapi Pranantustotuva Kathamkrtipunya Prabhavati ||

    The Swayamvara Parvathi Mantra is the best for protecting the relationship, and it can also protect failed marriages. You need to chant this Mantra for 108 times every day for effective results. You have to be ready with home and offerings while chanting the Mantra. Do it with confidence and peace of mind with the proper method of chanting it daily.

    Mantra To Make Relationship Strong

    Mantra To Make Relationship Strong, If you are losing charm from your relationship and want to regain it, then Mantra to make relationships strong will be helpful for you. You will never feel disappointed if you used this Mantra to make a strong relationship. And absolutely, you will get success in this, and your loved one will not leave you ever. Your love must be genuine towards your loving partner.

    When your love towards your partner is true, you always get scared of losing it, and you try every possible effort to make a strong relationship. Because making it strong before breaks will be the best decision by you. The love, peace, and trust between you and your partner will become strong. Even your love will not ever think to separate from you.

    || Om Sri Krishanaa Vidmaahee, Dammodaraayaa Dhaeeeemaahi Taanno Vishanu Praachaodaayatha ||

    This is the Mantra to Make Relationship Strong, which should prefer by you to make it perfect. Chant this Mantra for 108 times every day. Keep the oil lamp and incense in front of Lord Krishna by lighting it. Offer some flowers due to chanting the Mantra. Be prepared properly with peace of mind if going to chant this Mantra.

    Focus on the intentions of chanting this Mantra, so will get the blessing of Lord Krishna. Wish of getting a strong relationship will complete if you got the blessings of Lord Krishna. Mantras are the most effective way; hence lots of people make this effort. Consequently, the result comes in favor of you.

    Luckily, Astrology has an answer to all the questions pertaining to property disputes. Let’s talk about the astrological solutions for property disputes in a birth chart: .

    The horoscope of a person can help to find out the various astrological reasons for disputes in property/real estate. One of the prime reasons is greed and deceptive nature of few human beings. But again, how can our birth chart explain that? An experienced astrologer can easily detect the yogas in one’s natal chart through examining their fourth house, which signifies land and property.

    Here are some Astro remedies for property disputes stated to help you.

    • 💞Here are some Astro remedies for property disputes stated to help you.
    • 🤷To overcome the planet’s effect, you need to donate things to needy people.
    • 🤷Start worshiping to kshetrapal to get rid of property disputes.
    • 🤷Pray to Goddess Durga by chanting her mantra in the corner of your home.
    • 🤷Problems from your life and business will remove if you pray to Lord Ganesha and offer him Modak.
    • 🤷It would help if you fed the cows with jaggery in your daily routine to solve your problems.
    • 🤷After buying a land or property, perform puja in that place, which will overcome your problems.
    • 🤷The best day of buying a property is Friday. This day is perfect for that new start.
    • 🤷On Tuesday, take a piece of cloth and tie it with stone and honey. Please keep it in a pot and bury it in the ground.
    • In addition to this, the association of different malefic planets like Saturn, Rahu, Ketu and Mars also play an important role. As already mentioned if a person is of questionable character which can be clearly noticed in his birth chart, there are bright chances of getting involved in disputes or other deceptive actions. Apart from this, the birth chart can also give hints of the afflicted planets in a birth chart that can give rise to such conflicts.
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    Houses and planets involved in property or land disputes

    The presence of Saturn and Mars , in the second or fourth house in the natal chart gives rise to the majority of the property clashes. As a result, these clashes take over our lives and we spend not only our precious savings, but also endless years in resolving them. Therefore, it is advised that you always consult a good astrologer before getting involved into this situation. . It will surely be the best way out in your situation.

    Talk to the best astrologers of India to understand your horoscope in detail. Let us now look at the astrological combinations causing such clashes:Remedies:..

    • 💞Feed jiggery to cows every Sunday.
    • 💞Every Friday feed hungry people.
    • 💞Worshipping Kshetrapal is also advised .
    • 💞In Shukla Paksha, tie some honey with stone in a piece of cloth. Float this away in a stream on Tuesday
    • 💞Chant the Durga mantra starting from first day of Navratri. You need to meditate on goddess Durga along with chanting the mantra.

  • Astrology Way To Make Your Husband Love You Again After Separation

    Astro Way To Make Your Husband Love You Again After Separation, Many of the couples get separated due to various reasons, but at some moment, they always realize they made a big mistake. After realizing you try to get your life partner back in your life, it is not easy. Whatever was the reason for leaving your husband, if you still miss him, then love hasn’t disappeared yet. You can get him back through Astro way to make your husband love you again after separation.

    You try to get your husband back if you still love him, and it will be possible through using some Astro way. Meanwhile, your relationship with your husband will become perfect again. Most importantly, effort matters, which you are doing to get your husband’s love back. The best astrologer will instruct you best if you consult with them as soon as possible. You can control your husband and make him love you more by using black magic tips to control husband.

    If you are making an effort, so constantly try for this without losing hope of getting your husband back. Forget the previous heartbreak and painful feeling of divorce and start getting the happiness from your husband back. Follow some Astro way to make your husband love you again after separation.

    • 💞Firstly, you should understand the relationship with your partner because creating a mutual bond is necessary.
    • 💞The emotional attachment between you and your husband will bring back the lost love, and it will make you together.
    • 💞Lastly, you should stop thinking about previous life problems and start with a new change. Understand the nature of your husband. It will prevent you from all these problems.

    How to Get a Guy to Propose to You

    How to Get a Guy to Propose to You, Each time you talk about marriage, he goes hard of hearing in the two ears and starts talking about something else. Don’t worry! We have compiled some ways through which you can get your guy to propose you without being obvious about it.?

    Love is the most important inclination that a human can insight, notwithstanding, it is brimming with issues. We have answers for them as well as individuals are offering liberation from love problem solution.

    • 💞Become his weakness.
    • 💞Give yourself time and importance.
    • 💞Give him hints about moving.
    • 💞Start spending more time with your friends.
    • 💞Tell him you have options
    • 💞Keep the wedding talk on hold.
    • 💞Want to have a happier, healthier marriage?

    If you feel disconnected or frustrated about the state of your marriage but want to avoid separation and/or divorce, the course meant for married couples is an excellent resource to help you overcome the most challenging aspects of being married..

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